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There are Alternatives to Shelter Killing

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Nathan Winograd

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About RescueOneDog

RescueOneDog was founded from a realization that there is not pet overpopulation. We have been using sheltering practices for 100 years and failing to solve the care of homeless pets. After killing to control population for 100 years, it's time for alternatives.

Our Beliefs

Pet overpopulation is a myth and used an excuse for killing millions of homeless cats and dogs each year. The vast majority of people in the US love and care for their pets. We need to take that fact and find life saving alternatives to save every healthy treatable pets entering our shelter system

Local Action

The best action is local. You can control, measure and rapidly adapt to affect change in your local community.

Proven Models

Hundreds of communites are saving more than 90% of all animals entering thier shelter system. You can't say it is impossible if it exists.


Data is your friend. Most communities publish save rates and these can be used to find areas that need improvement in the current policies and porcedures of your local shelter.


You can hlep them improve, and if rejected, expose them to gain community support to force change.


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