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I Stand on the Side of Love

Photo taken by my son at a candlelight vigil in San Francisco in honor of the injured and dead of Charlottesville my family attended. We stand on the side of love. Yesterday, I was tagged on Twitter and Facebook with a photograph taken in Charlottesville, VA, of Debi Day of […]

Pet Overpopulation: An Artificial Construct Used to Excuse Killing in Regressive Shelters

Anyone who has followed the No Kill movement for very long likely understands that people who make excuses for killing in animal shelters frequently drag out the tired excuse that there are too many animals and not enough homes for them (i.e. “pet overpopulation”), therefore animal shelters *have to* kill. […]

A No Kill Nation by 2025 – Not Unless Best Friends and Others Change

July 13, 2017, hundreds of starry-eyed animal rescuers, would-be rescuers, and donors filled a conference room at Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey to hear Best Friends Animal Society announce their intention to make the USA No Kill by 2025. The conference was presented by Maddie’s Fund. […]

Patrick – and Other Animals Like Him – Need Your Help Today

His Facebook post begins, “Patrick is a young, neutered male…and his clock is ticking when the shelter is full he will be out of options…” It is a sad or even depressing message that is even worse when you realize that Patrick is one of many dogs and cats currently […]

Call It What It Is – Not Pet Overpopulation

There was a time in my life when I uttered the phrase “pet overpopulation” several times a day. My family and I, after all, had spent many years of our lives fighting to end the “pet overpopulation” crisis. The thinking was, at the time, that animal shelters in the USA […]