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Manly Men Totally Not Compensating for Anything Hope to Kill Baby Bears in Alaska Thanks to GOP

You and I and all American taxpayers fund 16 wildlife refuges in Alaska representing 85% of our country’s federal wildlife refuges.  So we all – not just Alaskans – have a vested interest in the management of these 76 million acres. For years, Alaskan state officials have been asking the […]

Open Thread

Post anything animal related in the comments, anytime.  New Open Threads are posted weekly. [x] Original Link: POST From the Blog of Yes Biscuit! Posted by: YesBiscuit

Treats on the Internets

Texas – Copperas Cove AC was apparently transferring animals from its kill list to a rescue called Reliant Upon God Activity Center Animal Shelter in Florence.  After a surprise inspection of the rescue facility by the state in March, the county obtained a warrant and seized 89 cats and 1 […]

Shelter Pet of the Day

Larry is a 2 year old boxer mix who “loves everyone and every dog he’s ever met.” Saving GRACE 12721 West Watson Road Sunset Hills, Missouri 63127 (314) 435-3128 (Submitted by Hayley) Original Link: POST From the Blog of Yes Biscuit! Posted by: YesBiscuit

Feds Strip Manatees of Endangered Species Status Despite Serious Threats

Manatees gathered near the TECO power plant in Tampa.  (Photo via Save the Manatee) Your tl;dr Summary: Feds: There are more manatees so that endangered species thing is solved. Scientists:  What about the fact that we are providing a lethal habitat for them? Feds:  There are MORE MANATEES. *** Data […]