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The Economics of No Kill

Powerpoint for getting the message across in 4 slides PDF for those of you without Powerpoint


Dogs in danger April 25 2012

Pics of several  pups in Holly, CO The owner has a court determination she can not keep her animals there are several pups and some chi’s.   Contact: Donna Emick Animal Coordinator Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation POB 44 Lamar, CO 81052 719-931-0006        

Just One Day

The most dangerous place for Cats and Dogs is in shelters Get in touch with your local shelter.  Ask them to join and pledge to not kill any animals on Just One Day June 11, 2012. For this Just One Day we are asking shelters across the USA to stop […]


Live Release rate Denver Colorado 2011

In 2010, more than 14,000 cats and dogs were killed in Colorado shelters. This document is only reporting from Metro Denver Shelter Alliance. Many other shelters do not report or are not included. Essentially, shelters are the most dangerous place for a cat or dog. But that can change. Please […]