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Was Chloe shot because she was profiled as a Pit Bull?

According to the Westword  , Chloe was not alone in the garage.  There was another dog, jack, in a kennel.  Jack in the terrifying aftermath of the shooting apparently escaped and was running free.  Because Jack did not look like Chloe, this seemed to not necessitate securing him.  Under the […]


You Look Aggressive…

The view of Pit Bulls may have more to do with the companion than the dog itself. Maddies Fund released a study about how perceptions of not dogs, but dog handlers skew the view of people observing them. People shown pictures of 3 dogs were asked to rate the dogs on friendliness, […]

CHloe Pit Bull Mix Killed Commerce City Colorado

Update on Chloe – Dog Shot in Commerce City near Denver Colorado

It appears the district attorney in Commerce City is taking over the investigation after Chloe, a family pet, was shot and killed by a police officer while held in a catchpole and after being tased twice. The officer claims Chloe, who is repeatedly being identified as a pit bull or […]


Commerce City Colorado – Police shoot and kill dog near Denver

  Kenny Collins, a resident of Commerce City just north of Denver called the police to report a dog running loose near his property.  He did not make the dog sound overly aggressive, but did call it “big”, a “Pit Bull” mix, and say it was barking at neighbors. Chloe, […]


Help rescue Bear and Simba Colorado Denver

Both Bear and Simba must be on tomorrow’s transport to mile High at 1:00.  We  have a rescue for one. the rescue will take whichever one needs help the most. Please offer to take one. Both are beautiful young dogs. Please Contact: VEDA OR LYNN $125 sponsorship for […]