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Bad Eats: Kindle book to benefit No Kill Organizations

Davyd Smith (One of the partner’s of PeopleFud) has offered to donate 100% of all profits from his book Bad Eats.

All profits will be given to No Kill organizations through RescueOneDog. It’s a small book, just 10 pages but talks about something important to responsible dog owners: 3 of the most common dangerous foods for dogs. Onions, Chocolate and macadamia nuts have unique dangers for dogs. in a brief overview, Bad Eats explains the issues of these three foods accompanied by a chart showing the levels per pound of your dog that would put them in the danger zone should they eat one of these foods.

Bad Eats
Bad Eats: Foods that are dangerous for your dog
It also shows that you don’t need to panic to some degree if you know the amount and that the volume eaten was insignificant for your size dog. There are a lot of people that know about these ingredients but think if a Great Dane got a hold of a Hershey Kiss, they would die before your eyes. This may be an overenthusiastic reaction.The book cautions you to avoid all these foods even in small amounts, but gives you some gauge as to when you really need to rush for medical attention as opposed to take care to insure you companion is out of the danger zone.

Buy this book and start helping us Rescue One Dog at a time.  Again, 100% of profits go to No Kill organizations to help save dogs.


Bad Eats: Foods that are dangerous for your dog

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