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We can save every one


This weekend the town of Antonito, Colorado a partnership centered around Animal Rescue of Conejos County (ARCC) continues in its goal of saving every homeless pet.  With the hard work of ARCC, the town, the elected officials, local volunteers and other Colorado rescue and shelter partners, the second spay/neuter weekend begins on Saturday morning on April 12.

But there will be volunteers hard at work on Friday night, many driving hours just to get there and helping set up for the clinic starting on Saturday first thing in the morning.  In January at the first clinic more than 120 pets and homeless pets were spayed or neutered and more than a dozen were taken by rescues and shelters to go on their way to adoption.

This time, the goal of more than 100 pets spayed/neutered and vaccinated remains the goal.

When first working with the groups in Antonito people both locally and across the state said that it could not be done.  The people here “just didn’t care about pets”.  There are people like that, but that is not the rule, it is the exception.  As it is in every U.S. Community, people love their pets and pets in general, and when giving the opportunity they help save lives.

The spay neuter clinic is possible because of the generosity of  by Spay Today and Four Paws of Colorado that do some heavy lifting to get this clinic funded and organized.  Local folks pitch in with their time that is invaluable.  And more than a dozen animal advocacy groups, rescues and shelters help make this a wild success.  And the goal of making Antonito safe for every homeless pet continues to be achieved through these efforts.

This time we have the good fortune to start the 100 Cats campaign in earnest.  We are rounding up strays for TNR and of course performing surgeries on local pets for owners at the cost of just $20 which includes vaccines.  This cost is achieved because of the generosity of donors.

If you are local and want to help, just come by the firehouse and pitch in.  If you are far away and can’t, you can always assist us through our 100 Dogs Campaign (this campaign Sponsored by No Kill Colorado benefits both cats and dogs in Antonito).  Keep an eye on this town that has gone from a place people didn’t believe could be compassionate to homeless pets to a town that is saving every one.

We can save every one.


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  1. This is the VERY best news I’ve read for our state! Colorado needs this everywhere! I am so happy to see it happening ANYWHERE! in the state. Looking to see it happening everywhere! I would love to help out & I will do so when I am able to get to a place, location that is closer & some notification ahead of time! All of those involved, THANK YOU!!! Debby Ledbetter

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