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Canon City and Fremont County deserve better from their Humane Society

Canon City and Fremont County deserve better from their Humane Society.

Today on the Fremont County Open Forum on Facebook, someone posted that the (FINALLY) the local Humane Society passed its inspection.  It has failed three times this year.

I am not local to Fremont County, but I find it remarkable that any people of the community are looking for the current management to improve the actual outcomes of animals entering this shelter.  It has failed 5 inspections in the past 5 years, and gain, 3 in this year alone.

Addressing things when failing an inspection does not show progress, it shows a management reactively addressing any issue through triage.  And the fact that the volunteers that are increasingly lambasted by the management have saved 100’s of animals since being thrown out of the shelter proves that the management is regressive in its policies and procedures to saving lives.  They have even been called terrorists.

Compliance with the legal requirements of the state is simply self-preservation.  Standing up, taking responsibility for failures, recognizing there are issues exposed by the banned volunteers, former ACO, veterinarians, fosters, adopters and other community members is what strong leadership would do.  Key leadership roles would be replaced, talented FREE volunteers would be brought back and embraced.

To continue to watch this incompetent management team (the operations manager, Tom Cameron, was arrested for animal cruelty in the past) make the most minimal changes required by law touted as some victory breaks my heart.  This same management killed over 600 cats that entered the shelter alive in 2012.  Most of the cats that left alive did so under the auspices of a rescue group, not from the shelter adoption services.  And a large number of the dogs got out alive due to rescues and volunteers.

Lifesaving metrics are not check boxes on the states inspection, so you can assume nothing has been done to improve the live outcomes for homeless pets.  In fact, with the banning of some of the most active lifesaving volunteers, it will probably be worse.

Look past just the violations, the violation do show the systemic failure of the management to date, but the true measure of their incompetence is the number of animals saved or killed as well as the treatment of those animals during their stay at the shelter.  And the management has failed miserably on these core value propositions that one measures a shelter’s success.  And they are ignoring those by claiming success because they spackled a wall, or filled out a form correctly according to written guidelines by the state.

Canon City and Fremont County deserve better.

See what the folks that witnessed this regressive management in action are saying.


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