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Kindness is a Two Way Street

A new study looked at the killing of dingoes as a method of protecting people and found that it doesn’t work. In fact, it found that it makes things worse. Killing wild dogs led “to social instability and diminished territorial integrity in the dingo population, resulting in both increased human–dingo […]

Your Tax Dollars at Work

“Political Abuse, Corruption, Nepotism and Cronyism” costing animals their lives. Years ago, staff at the Town of Hempstead, NY, pound filmed themselves terrorizing a cat. As lazy, inept and cruel animal control officers stand around laughing, making obscene gestures, and goofing off, a very frightened cat is brought into the […]

CT Pet Importers Charged for Violating State Law

The shelter manager and the executive director of the Little Guild of St. Francis animal shelter in CT were each charged with eight counts of failure to maintain examination records and eight counts of importing pets without health certificates. The women reportedly traveled regularly to out of state shelters to […]

Workers at CA Shelter Allege Neglect Causing Animal Injury and Death

The non-profit Peninsula Humane Society is contracted by San Mateo Co in California for animal control.  Sixteen PHS employees held a press conference in the shelter’s parking lot this week. The workers allege that sub-standard conditions, understaffing and neglect have led to the injury and death of several animals at […]

Polk Co Pound Kills Microchipped Lost Pet Upon Impound

Lefty, as shown on Kristi Durham adopted a special needs beagle who circled to the left and named him Lefty. She moved from Kentucky to Polk Co, FL in August and the following month, Lefty accidentally got out of his yard. A good Samaritan saw him in the road and […]