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Ask Me Anything: Community Cat Edition

I get a lot of questions about animals on a wide variety of topics and I try to answer each and every one. When they have wider appeal, I’ll post my response. (If you would like to ask me anything, you can do so in the comments of my Facebook […]

What We Can Learn from the Killing of Charlie at Pueblo Animal Services

Last weekwe wrote abouthow the killing of savable pets in animal shelters disrupts and divides communities. As if on cue, and to prove our point, Pueblo, Colorado Animal Services killed a dog named Charlie who was, by all accounts, social, friendly, playful and who had rescue groups wanting him. In […]

Free Download: Does This Cat Need Rescue?

Note: the following has been turned into a downloadable flyer that animal shelters and rescues can use to hand out to people who want to help people determine if a cat they find needs help.. Every day in animal shelters across the USA, so-called “stray” cats pour into animal shelters, […]

Gone in (Less Than) 60 Seconds

PETA and the Norfolk, VA, pound team kill many community cats and kittens the minute they enter the “shelter.” PETA claims killing is a last resort; that all the animals they take in are irremediably suffering and that the killing they do meets the dictionary definition of “euthanasia.” It is […]

More Kittens Dead at the Hands of PETA

Last week I reported about all the kittens PETA rounded up and took to the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter in Newport News, VA, to be killed. PETA logged them as “live releases,” but only two (out of 20) were spared. Among the dead were unweaned neonatal kittens, six week old […]