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Pueblo, Colorado Update: Chieftain Gives Ink to PETA, Won't Print No Kill Advocate Op-Ed

We recently wrote about Charlie, a dog that was killed at Pueblo Animal Services (PAS), in spite of offers by others to save him. Since then, a lot has happened, some of it leading people to begin questioning the neutrality of their local newspaper, The Pueblo Chieftain. One of the […]

A Sign of the Times

Phil is looking for a home at Chippewa County’s animal shelter. If Michigan is a sign of the times, it is good news for the #No Kill movement. In 2007, Michigan shelters were killing close to 120,000 animals. In 2016, it was 29,591. As Michigan Pet Fund Alliance previously reported, […]

Imagine the Possibilities

The official motto of Muncie, IN, is “Imagine the Possibilities When We Work Together.” In keeping with the spirit of this declaration, the Muncie City Council just passed the strongest companion animal protection law in the nation — a seminal achievement for the #No Kill movement — demonstrating that when […]

Ask Me Anything: Community Cat Edition

I get a lot of questions about animals on a wide variety of topics and I try to answer each and every one. When they have wider appeal, I’ll post my response. (If you would like to ask me anything, you can do so in the comments of my Facebook […]

What We Can Learn from the Killing of Charlie at Pueblo Animal Services

Last week we wrote about how the killing of savable pets in animal shelters disrupts and divides communities. As if on cue, and to prove our point, Pueblo, Colorado Animal Services killed a dog named Charlie who was, by all accounts, social, friendly, playful and who had rescue groups wanting […]