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Call It What It Is – Not Pet Overpopulation

There was a time in my life when I uttered the phrase “pet overpopulation” several times a day. My family and I, after all, had spent many years of our lives fighting to end the “pet overpopulation” crisis. The thinking was, at the time, that animal shelters in the USA […]

Help Save Animals Like Jake

Jake (pictured right) was going to be killed. An irresponsible rescue shipped him as a puppy from Kentucky to Minnesota. Then, in spite of Jake being a high-drive, high-energy working breed, this same rescue adopted him to an inexperienced young man who was incapable of caring for him. When that […]

NY Supreme Court Filing Exposes Animal Shelter's Dirty Secrets

filed with the New York State Supreme Court on Monday, July 31, 2017 exposes a long list of complaints against the Central New York SPCA adding another scandal to a long list of other scandals that have plagued the organization which provides animal control services for Onondaga County, the City […]

The End of Temperament Testing

It’s time to throw out the fake hand, the doll, the food bowl takeaway, and the loud knock on the door. The debate as to whether temperament testing in a shelter is effective, flawed, needs modification, or should be discarded is over. In a recent feature, the New York Times […]

Engaging the Community in No Kill Discussions Can Smash Through Obstacles to Success

Whether it was Austin, Texas; Reno, Nevada; Lake County, Florida or Huntsville, Alabama, one factor contributed to No Kill advocates successfully getting buy-in for the life-saving programs generally known as the No Kill Equation: They actively and effectively engaged their entire community in the No Kill discussion. Doing so, and […]