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The Predator

“Which red-blooded male hasn’t sexually harassed somebody? Women should be able to take care of themselves.” “We’re not an association that investigates sexual harassment. We raise funds for animals.” Quotes from Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Board Member explaining why CEO Wayne Pacelle will not be fired after […]

Another Grisly Year at PETA

This photo, taken by a PETA employee, shows pit bull dogs killed by PETA. In 2017, PETA continued to act as the functional equivalent of a slaughterhouse, with more than a thousand defenseless animals dying at the hands of their employees. Just released records submitted to the Virginia Department of […]

#TimesUp For Wayne Pacelle & HSUS

It is long overdue. The Chronicle of Philanthropy is reporting that “The Board of Directors of the Humane Society of the United States, the nation’s most influential animal-welfare group, has hired a Washington law firm to investigate an allegation of workplace misconduct against its longtime chief executive, Wayne Pacelle… “Among […]

Daysy's Story: From 'Dangerous' Dog to Pampered Pup

Though it was nearly 16 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. May 3, 2002 I was awakened by an emergency phone call from the shelter. They had closed one wing of the building because a giant hulk of a dog they had taken in the night before […]

You Don’t Have the Right to Kill a Dog

You also shouldn’t have to carry the burden. I get a lot of questions about animals on a wide variety of topics and I try to answer each and every one. When they have wider appeal, I’ll post my response. Last week, I posted on Facebook that “It should be illegal […]