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Rejecting potential adopters

I got in big trouble for this a while ago and practically lost a rescuer/friend because I talked about this. I am going to have to take that chance again. We, as shelters and rescues must do something about rejecting potential adopters for check box reasons when we have a […]


What is No Kill? Opinions, Facts and Myths

I believe in the No Kill paradigm, and even if I didn’t, it would be hard to ignore the published research on its documented successes. When I talk with others about No Kill, they generally have a preconceived idea of what No Kill is — accurate or not — and […]


Nathan Winograd won’t make it to Denver this year to speak

UPDATE:  This was posted in 2013.  This year Nathan Winograd will be in Denver on July 12 2014 for a screening of his documentary “redemption” based on his first book.  There will also be a one hour presentation for the “No Kill is Love” tour. Buy tickets at No Kill […]


You keep using that word – Euthanasia – I do not think it means what you think it means.

One of my favorite scenes from Princess Bride is when Vizzinni continually uses a word that just doesn’t work out for him.  Inigo Montoya, the supporting character but clear star of the film says, “You keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.”  And […]


Was Chloe tased, chokepoled and shot because she was a Vicious dog? Commerce City is describing her that way in thier posts.

Looking for information of Chloe, the dog tased, chokepoled and shot on November 24th by a police officer during an incident in Commerce City Colorado, I was clicking around the Commerce City website looking for more information on the shooting.  One bad decision after another ended in Chloe being shot five times […]