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No Kill Christmas Gifts. I am going to regift what you gave me. – @NathanWinograd @RyanClinton @MikeFry @m_kitkoski

When I first found Nathan Winograd’s first book Redemption, I read the first chapter or two with skepticism.  I believed what was pounded into my head for years:  Shelters kill because they have to not because they choose to.  Slowly I went through a range of emotions from anger, helplessness, […]

Shilo Died. Was it Worth It?

Shilo Died. Was it Worth It? Below is a post from Paws & Co. the evening of December 14, 2013 A SAD DAY FOR OUR FAMILY. “We lost one of the newest members of our Paws & Co. Adoptions family today. Sweet Shilo was rushed to the vet for parvo on Monday […]


Christopher Jenks, call me if you really want to become #NoKill

Ongoing issues in Fremont County and Canon City with the local animal shelter continue as the board and management refuse to acknowledge they have real challenges becoming a lifesaving organization.  The group STOP Fremont is watching and actively pressing for changes in the shelter.  Although there have been conversations before […]


High adoption shelter kills 1 in 2 cats in 2012

Considering this shelter killed 619 cats that it took in last year.  I find it tragically laughable they have the nerve to use this cat as a fundraising tool.  And to call themselves a “high volume adoption center”.  Whatever the hell that means.   In 2012, the 619 cats killed […]


Misdirection, No Direction, Working Hard to NOT Save Lives in Fremont County

The gross misdirection the Humane Society of Fremont County uses under current management to get money and resources for the shelter is so blatantly apparent.  Yet little action is being taken by people with the power to make change.  What is it going to take to make these people see […]