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People Attack the No Kill Equation with the No kill Equation, I find this very confusing

People Attack the No Kill Equation with the No Kill Equation, I find this very confusing This is in a comment left on a pervious blog post.  I find it very confusing when people attack No Ill because we should Spay/Neuter or we have to improve adoptions.  I guess they […]


Canon City Shelter Board Member Insults the Banned Volutneers and Ex-Employees Yet Again

Canon City posted an article about the daughter of the president of the board that runs the local humane shelter in Fremont County near Canon City. I had to address the information presented.  I believe the good people of this area are being completely  misinformed by this shelter.  They are […]


Wow, Mike Dorney, you could not be more wrong.

Update:  the comment below was deleted by the poster on FB but this when he had posted.  The blog is based on his claims, but if you click on the link to FB at the bottom of the page, you will no longer see this comment, his other comments or the replies […]


Former Animal Control Director speaks out against Society of Fremont County

 Editors note:  Julie Reiter worked for the Fremont County Sheriff’s department as Animal Control Officer in 1994 and ended as Director of the department before leaving in 2002.  She has started and operated a shelter in the past.  Julie is certified as an Animal Cruelty Investigator as well as certified […]


Facts about Fremont County Humane

On numerous occasion the people around the STOP Fremont campaign have been asked for FACTS by the board.  But once anyone publishes a fact that they dislike, they never seem to respond.  So I would like to put a few in one post so we can just point to it […]