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Shelters are Out of Balance with Nature

Took a walk in D.C. the day after the NoKill Conference 2012.  Although the quotes from our past presidents were seldom directed at the right of animals, I couldn’t help but see some parallels as I walked around the national mall and read the poignant quotes carved in the granite.  […]

No Kill conference at George Washington University D.C.

As you probably know, The No Kill Advocacy Center is teaming up with the Animal Law program at George Washington  University Law  School and No Kill Nation to bring together the nation’s most successful shelter directors and the nation’s top animal lawyers. So tomorrow I head off to the  national […]


Saying yes to adopters

I am a critic of pet rescues that make it difficult to adopt.  Mind you, I volunteer and work for rescue organizations.  I criticize and drive the organizations I am aligned with to open up their application/adoption process, but still help out if they don’t. I look at the problem […]


Fosters, Adopters, shelter staff are all links in the chain to saving animals lives

In no way would I demean the role of adopters, but they are one link in the chain to keeping shelter pets from being killed each day in the U.S. We need people who are willing to foster until the right home can be found. A pet comes into a […]

Bailey at Fosters

Rescues, Shelters – screen better, save more

I have been looking at the average number of applicants that wanted to rescue or foster a dog from a local rescue group. The group had 20 online applicants from March 20 to may 12.  That’s 20 applicants in 53 days. Start Finish # days # Applicants Avg Day Average […]