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The Perks of a Pet

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Colorado will be No Kill, we will make it happen together.

OK,  so I am  a little freaked out after seeing a cat bleeding from its mouth at the Municipal Animal Shelter in Denver.  I decided to finally go down there and check it out.  I’ve gone twice before but could not get there before closing times (Problem 1).  But today […]


Would you choose to live?

So you and 19 other people are in the wild.  There is shelter and food for exactly 18 people.  Everyone looks around, and you’re voted off the island.  You’re kind of funny looking and have a bad attitude.  There’s simply not enough room or resources to keep 19 people alive.  […]


June 11, 2013 – Just One Day to save more than10,000 shelter pets

  June 11, 2013.  It’s Just one Day.  If you are the director of animal shelter, can you consider signing the pledge for Just One Day?  Next year, we would like all shelters to refrain from killing a single pet in their care.  Just One Day. June 11, 2013. Could […]


Dear Mr. President, Support No Kill

Dear Mr. President, missed you while I was at the No Kill Conference in Washington this weekend. Did you know we are killing three to four million pets that enter our shelters in the U.S. each year? But people, your constituents, are making a change.  A decade ago you wouldn’t […]