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Who do we adopt to?

We need to think twice before we judge potential adopters. There are a lot of people in rescue and sheltering that find too many ways to NOT adopt a pet. Although there are exceptions, the vast majority of people in the US and around the world love their pets. We […]


PACFA Dog Transfer Numbers Shows Colorado can be a No Kill State

Dog Transfers into Colorado shows we can be a No Kill State I will look at cats in another post. Cats deserve more attention according to our PACFA statistics. We are not saving cats at the rate we are saving dogs. But statistics get more complicated with more variables, so I […]

Houston Needs to Embrace the No Kill Equation and Stop Using Colorado as its Soluion to Homeless Pets

Transferring is a great way to save lives. Moving homeless pets from an overcrowded shelter to another shelter, foster or rescue that has room is a great way to utilize other resources to save lives until a new adopter can be found. I completely support this. But I am little […]

We can save every one

This weekend the town of Antonito, Colorado a partnership centered around Animal Rescue of Conejos County (ARCC) continues in its goal of saving every homeless pet.  With the hard work of ARCC, the town, the elected officials, local volunteers and other Colorado rescue and shelter partners, the second spay/neuter weekend begins […]


Life Saving Weekend in Antonito

Today and tomorrow there is a life affirming initiative taking place in Antonito Colorado.  This small community of 800 had strays wandering the streets and surrounding areas of the town.  Animal control was essentially non-existent.  There is no shelter within 30 miles of the town, and none responsible to take […]