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Calculating an Animal Shelter’s Live Release Rate

Everyone is familiar with the old quip that there are three types of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics. Statistical manipulation is very easy: It’s all about the assumptions and inputs one uses when crunching numbers. In order to honestly and accurately determine how well or how poorly a shelter […]

Behaviorally Challenged Dogs: Can We Save Them All? [1]

Photo by Eileen McFall: dog playgroup at Austin Animal Center. True to their mission statements and the highest ideals of the animal protection movement, shelters committed to a #No Kill orientation seek to provide a brighter future and a second chance to every animal entrusted to their care. Yet while […]

What Shelters Owe Traumatized Animals

I met countless dogs and cats who had survived unimaginable cruelty: they were used to fight or used as ‘bait’ in fights, starved to shockingly skeletal states, set on fire. When I would visit the animals on my lunch hour, though, I would often see dogs wag their broken, bandaged […]

Making Shelter Dogs Happy

Healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy relationships. And sniff holes. It will surprise no one that many “dogs experience fear and anxiety immediately upon admission” to a shelter. These are dogs who are used to living in homes or even on the street and then find themselves kenneled in a strange, […]

Legislating No Kill Delaware-Style

A dog for adoption at Delaware Animal Services. For the first half of this year, Delaware Animal Services, which provides animal control sheltering throughout the State of Delaware, saved 89% of cats, 93% of dogs, and 98% of other animals. Since Delaware passed a modified version of the Companion Animal […]