Denver CO

Colorado will be No Kill, we will make it happen together.

OK,  so I am  a little freaked out after seeing a cat bleeding from its mouth at the Municipal Animal Shelter in Denver.  I decided to finally go down there and check it out.  I’ve gone twice before but could not get there before closing times (Problem 1).  But today I got there on a Saturday which is the only weekend day they are open.  I have to say the facility has improved immensely since I was there a long time ago.  The new facility is clean and inviting and the staff was friendly enough.  I think they were suspicious of me at first.  I am not sure why as I was completely honest.  I met folks at an offsite adoption (PLUS!) and after talking about the No Kill Equation, they encouraged me to come down and check out the place.  So there I was.

I went and looked at some cats, then all the dogs and asked if there were any more.  There were I the lost and found area.  So I went in there and was at the very last cage (again, the cat condos were nice.  Not huge, but multiple little rooms and clean.

I though the cat’s tongue was hanging out of it mouth, and it was surprisingly red.  I got closer but I didn’t have my glasses.  So I was hard time figuring out what was going on.  Then I saw the drip.  Looked like blood dripped from the cat’s mouth.  So I watched for a second and it happened again.  I grabbed the cat’s paper from the front of the glass cage and went up front and told the receptionist there was a cat dripping blood from its mouth.  She immediately made a call on her walkie-talkie (good for you!  Should have got your name, you did the right thing immediately).

I believe the vet answered and said “yea, I know”.  That was it.  I didn’t hear anything else.  I said, “she is going to do something about it right?”  And she said sheepishly, as I imagine the vet has the say in this matter, “the vet says she knows”.  I said, the cat is still bleeding.  I was at a loss of what to do.

I walked away and tried to get my thoughts together.  I went back and the receptionist was talking to a young man.  I could tell they were talking about the cat.  I asked what was up with the cat, and he said she was feral.  When he brought her in she tried to get her and while she was running away she bit her lip.

I asked what was being done about the bleeding and they said the vet was going back to her.  I left, but I feel like there was something else I should have done.

In another observation I noticed there were not many animals in there, especially dogs.  Now this particular facility has improved in the last year two years and I hope they continue.  I plan to help make sure they do until they are saving over 90% of ALL animals coming into the shelter.

1160 Homeless animals were killed in the shelter last year.  They took in 6047.  1 in 5 pets entering that shelter are killed or euthanized.  It should be less than half of that.

Time for a change Colorado.  Compared to other cities, this is easy.  I’m going to help do it.  Who else would like to jump on board?

Bark Away!