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Commerce City Colorado – Police shoot and kill dog near Denver


Kenny Collins, a resident of Commerce City just north of Denver called the police to report a dog running loose near his property.  He did not make the dog sound overly aggressive, but did call it “big”, a “Pit Bull” mix, and say it was barking at neighbors.

Chloe, the dog was being taken care of while her human companion was out-of-town.  The caretaker left the dog in the garage while leaving the house.  The dog apparently triggered the automatic garage dog opener.

Clearly, being somewhere other than home, even if Chloe had been to this house before, might be a stressful situation.  Chloe was in a place where there was no person she knows in an open garage door in an unknown neighborhood.  She probably started looking for something she knew and walked around to do so.  Seeing strangers, she barked at them.

Two Police Officers and an Animal Control Officer (ACO) arrived to catch Chloe (to them a stray dog).  That’s why Kenny called, to get the dog in the hands of Animal Control as he did not know whose it was or why it was roaming around and did not know its demeanor.

He later said “He never came at me in an aggressive manner.”

Chloe is in the garage where she should be by the time the neighbor across the street began videotaping the incident on their phone.   Apparently, when the officers arrived she did what any scared dog would do with strangers approaching, she ran back to the only thing resembling home to her.

As the police officers and ACO stand in front of the open garage doors, a few feet from Chloe, she sits most of the time.  It appears she barked a few times.  At no time did I see her advance or even appear to consider coming at the officers.

As no one was at the house (it appears one officer went to the door while the other two stood by Chloe) and check to see if he could find someone.  When he could not and returned, clearly they believed they had to catch the dog.

The officers tazed Chloe multiple times.  Clearly, this would agitate anyone if it did not incapacitate them.  Then the three walk in and corner her in the garage at which point it appears she tries to escape.  Again, she di not appear to attack or prepare to attack anyone, she just wanted to be left alone.

This is a catchpole

That is when they got her in a catchpole.  The ACO got Chloe in the pole, and whether filled with fear or anger, Chloe tried to get loose.  This is fairly typical behavior of a dog in a catchpole.  But unfortunately, the officers did not know Chloe, and Chloe was strong, bucking wildly and the ACO did not seem to have as much skill with the catchpole as might have been needed.

One office drew his gun and fired multiple times.  Four times apparently.  Chloe is dead.  Chloe was three years old.

The first headline I read was “Officers shoot, kill pit bull in Commerce City”.  Chloe wasn’t a regular dog, she was a PIT BULL.  We will see this used over the next few days to help make this incident seem like a tragic, but understandable event.

The immediate response from a Commerce City detective (Mike Saunders) was

“Yes, the dog was on the catch pole. But, it was the officer’s concern that the animal control agent wasn’t able to maintain control of the animal and the fear was that the animal was going to come off the catch pole and attack the officers or get loose and run back into the neighborhood putting citizens in danger,”

One could argue firing four times standing next to a person trying to restrain a dog with a catchpole may have been more potentially dangerous than the dog, if the dog was aggressive.  This dog was not.

The ACO was clearly shaken up after the shooting.  But you cannot tell from what.  Was it compassion for the dog, or was it because four shots were fired right next to her while she was struggling to get the dog under control.

The treatment of pits as well as homeless pets in the city of Denver and the metro area is a blurry reflection of the average citizen here.  Even before becoming an animal advocate, most of my friends have pets, people on the street approach me to ask if they can pet my dogs, people fought, and won, for more dog parks.  The examples go on and on.

It’s time for a change in Colorado.  We can’t have this happening to other Chloes.  Video is below if you can stomach it.



There is a petition for Chloe:

Here is Chloe’s FB site:



Please comment especially If you are Colorado citizen or a certified dog trainer and can shed some light on what you see in the video.

This video is graphic.  The dog is tased, caught and shot while in the chokepole.

6 thoughts on “Commerce City Colorado – Police shoot and kill dog near Denver”

  1. I’m in North Carolina and just heard of this. It’s terribly saddening. The officer is clearly unable to make reasonable judgment calls and not someone that need continue protecting the community. Such instability, as was clearly displayed in the irrational action, should not be in a position of serving citizens. To discharge his weapon, he must have feared for his life, yes? His life was clearly not in danger, and his illogical decision to fire, in to concrete, in a residential neighborhood, five times (really, five times?! Four times after the dog was secured?!) I would add, demonstrates the absence of necessary, critical thinking skills required to be a police officer. Our hearts go out to Chloe’s family, and the community.

  2. What the Hell is it going to take to end this madness!! The cops subverted the court system by killing this dog. There will be no pleas to free this dog. She’s dead.

  3. This sickens me in so many ways!! These ‘officers’ were clearly inept and they are murderers clear and simple. They did it because they could!!! without any after thought, This kind of behaviour needs to be stopped RIGHT NOW!!! You can tell this was clean and simple-Breed specific and these morons were ready to shoot no matter what! COWARDS/Murderers!!!!!

  4. Killing a dog who’s on a catchpole? REALLY? No one in their right mind could call this justified. Chloe was obviously scared, not aggressive. If she’d be a poodle or a Labrador Retriever I firmly believe she’d be alive today. She was EXECUTED because she was a pit bull. Every one of these cops, and the ACO, need to be fired and brought up on animal cruelty charges. There’s a nationwide epidemic of cops shooting and killing family pets without any remorse, and their departments covering up for them time and time again. This department attempted to do so at first, too. It would have been nice if this time the police had done the right thing and reacted as if these ‘officers’ had been private citizens, who would now be in jail for their inhumane actions. Public outrage should not have caused them to have an outside agency to look at this, and since that agency is also connected to law enforcement, I have little hope that they’ll do the right thing, either.

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