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Dear Mr. President, Support No Kill

Dear Mr. President, missed you while I was at the No Kill Conference in Washington this weekend. Did you know we are killing three to four million pets that enter our shelters in the U.S. each year?

But people, your constituents, are making a change.  A decade ago you wouldn’t have known about people running an open admission shelter and saving every possible saveable animal.  We used excuses to kill millions of animals that had the right to life.  But change has come.

Today we have 50 No Kill communities documented in the U.S.   They represent roughly 200 towns.   Places like Thompkins County NY, Charlottesville VA., Austin TX, dn Washoe County NV and plenty more.  More are being worked on as you read this.

It’s not just possible.  It has been done.

But there are still nay-sayers.  They are holding on to old practices, and antiquated philosophies that are outdated and disproved to be the best solution for the pets entering our shelters.  In fact, they have wandered from the original intent of Henry Bergh that created the ASPCA.  We could just say it is a moral obligation and be justified.  But there are economic factors that even the most ardent detractors would agree with.  The success of the No Kill Equation just has to be exposed.  And you can find some of the pioneers readily eager to assist their communiteis.

You can learn how people are making a change at the No Kill Advocacy Center resource Library.  Here’s the link:

All candidates for public office might want to check it out as well.  This is not a party issue.  We all have pets we love in the north and south, rural and urban, red states and blue states.  You don’t want us to go away.  You and your constituents agree there is no reason to kill a healthy pet.

Dear Mr. President, Support No Kill




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