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Do you think Humane Society of Fremont County needs new shelter management?

Do you think Humane Society of Fremont County needs a new shelter management?

Shelter (noun): Something that affords protection; a refuge, a haven.

The Humane Society of Fremont County (HSFC) is in Canon City Colorado. It is called an animal shelter, but defies the definition in countless ways.  The community needs to stand by the caring individuals that are being denied access to the facilities to save lives.  In order to save lives, a shelter needs a compassionate director in order to have a chance at meeting the criteria of its definition.    The HSFC appears to be  missing this core requirement that all other standard management protocols a great shelter depend on.

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Earlier this year, volunteers filed complaints with the state agency that has the job of overseeing shelters and rescues.  Two investigations by Colorado Department of Agriculture in June and July have revealed multiple violations by The Humane Society of Fremont County.

The most damning is that “euthanasia is not being conducted in a humane manner and according to AVMA guidelines”.  This alone calls for a change in shelter management and the state of Colorado needs to follow through on this investigation and take other actions needed immediately.

You can see in an article written on 8/14/2013, the violation specifically calls out that a certified veterinarian was not present when euthanasia was being performed.  More troubling, volunteers claim that euthanasia, performed with a heart stick, was being performed without anesthesia.

A heart stick is an Intracardial injection.  This is an inhumane way to kill an animal that is not comatose, sedated, hopefully fully unconscious.   Sodium pentobarbital is injected through the chest wall and directly into the heart.  Without sedation, it’s not uncommon for the person administering the injection to miss.  This can result in the puncture of lungs and causes them to fill up with fluid.   Any way you look at it except performed on a sedated, unconscious animal, this is very painful and a horrific way to die.

The second is horrific accusations result from botched spays and neuters.

According to Stop The Humane Society of Fremont County on Facebook :

“A letter submitted to DORA by a Denver-area veterinary center states that after seeing a dog post-neuter by Gangel, the medical director felt the “scrotal approach to a neuter” was “in violation of standard care” and “the approach used was harmful to the patient.”

Look at the photo on the FB page and you will see how definitive this assessment was.

The director, Tom Cameron was arrested for animal cruelty over a decade ago while in and maintaining the same position.

“The Daily Record reported in February 1998 that Tom Cameron (Director of Humane Society of Fremont County) was arrested along with former employee Roy Hockett on allegations of animal cruelty. Cameron pleaded no contest to a single count of misdemeanor cruelty to animals. “

–          Canterbury, Carie. “Former Humane Society of Fremont County Volunteer Tells of ‘bad’ Neuter Surgeries.” – Canon City Daily Record. N.p., 16 Aug. 2013.

So the Fremont board seems to be laying low in most of this.  These are the people that should stand up, recognize there is a severe problem with management and make a change immediately.  The violations alone are reason for termination.  Unless Cameron is going to make a sea change in the practices of the shelter, it is unlikely the shelter will be positioned to save lives.

Do you think he needs to leave?   Can’t Fremont find a better candidate?

6 thoughts on “Do you think Humane Society of Fremont County needs new shelter management?”

  1. We must replace the board of directors of this private non-profit as well as the director and his wife. Does anyone know how to force a change in the board?

  2. Yes, They All need to be replaced; board of directors, director and his wife. It is called “HUMANE society”…so walk the walk. Find a reputable, loving and caring staff; Veterinarian is a big one! These are innocent animals that can not speak for themselves and are devastated in even having to be there in the first place. While they have to be there…show and give them the love that they deserve!

  3. We absolutely need new management. It is painfully clear that no positive change will ever happen under the direction of the husband and wife team, Tom and Diana Cameron. For over a decade these two have allowed a decline in animal care and an increase of negligence and abuse. Tom should never have been allowed to continue after his arrest in 1998. The exact same things happen today that got him arrested and worse. There is no love or compassion for animals there and they have made it a practice to surround themselves with employees who feel the same and are easily manipulated. Many times they have been quoted as saying “There are more important things in life than animals” My question is, then why are they managing what is suppose to be a Humane Shelter? They have the “pound mentality” Of the 70’s and no love of animals. We definitely need new management for starters. Sadly the Board of Directors have become complacent and corrupt as they collect their high salaries and allow abuse to continue.

  4. The board and management need to go…He was arrested before didn’t change a thing why in the world give him, his wife and the board another chance…If they are allowed to stay, we are allowing them to continue this disgusting practice of inhumane treatment of animals. THEY NEED TO GO

  5. Yes, the Board and the managers need to be replaced. The allegations and proof that they are true by the two inspections rendered make it clear they have all failed in their task. They continue to excuse themselves saying it was a few human errors or the allegations are false and lies. How can you claim they are false and at the same time say you are willing to work to make it right. They have been underhanded and cruel and only sought to cover their own tracks. There is no humility or repentance for what they have done. Get rid of them all. There are plenty of people here who need a job who are kind to animals.
    I am glad I stayed with my dog who had to have three shots to put her down and made sure she was dead before being fired up.I agree with Cindy, if an arrest didn’t get Cameron’s attention, what will slapping his wrist do? City of Canon City, be responsible for our animals or hold part of the blame for allowing them to be treated inhumanly.
    This has to stop now. No more chances.

  6. How many times are they going to let them get by with the same thing before they do something? It is time to find someone new and get rid of them.

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