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Facts about Fremont County Humane

On numerous occasion the people around the STOP Fremont campaign have been asked for FACTS by the board.  But once anyone publishes a fact that they dislike, they never seem to respond.  So I would like to put a few in one post so we can just point to it until they answer, or do the right thing and replace the management of the shelter.

Apparently dozens of eyewitness account posted on the FB page are not good enough for the board.  They insist all these people coming up with their personal experiences at the shelter don’t count for some reason (eyewitness accounts ARE used in courts of law).

They also like to insinuate that ALL these stories are from “disgruntled volunteers”.

Again, not true, as I became acquainted with the shelter from a Denverite that adopted two dogs from a rescue that pulled them from HSFC.  There is also two veterinarians that are aligned with the STOP Fremonters.  In addition, many adopters, fosters, former ACO, former employees as well as other community members that have had interaction with the shelter have stated their eyewitness accounts for incompetence, neglect and cruelty under current management.

So for the benefit of the board I would like to help you with some of the FACTS in this case.


It is a FACT the HSFC had 11 Violation from the state including, but not limited to:

1. Euthanasia is not being conducted in a humane manner and according to AVMA guidelines

2. Sick or injured animals must be provided with timely veterinary care

3. An animal held by or in the custody of the shelter and not reclaimed by the owner shall be held for a minimum of five days after acquisition, or three days if it has no identification and the manager determines there are no additional resources or the animal is dangerous (two intake reports were provided that indicated two stray cats were euthanized the same day they were taken to the shelter


These came from a state agency inspection.  The Colorado Department of Agriculture conducted an inspection of the shelter in June and one in July based on complaints.  I believe you can recall this is a FACT and that, another FACT is the shelter FAILED TWICE.  A clear indication of an incompetent manager and a negligent culture at the shelter.

And then.

The State Board of Veterinary Medicine has received a complaint regarding allegations of unlicensed veterinary medicine, as well as substandard veterinary medicine occurring at the shelter.  This is also under investigation.  It is a FACT a veterinarian has filed this complaint.  Not a disgruntled volunteer.

Need more?

The shelter killed more than 40% of all live cats that entered the shelter in 2012.   This is what YOUR management reported to PACFA.  If you include cats from the “Missing, lost or stolen” category, that number surpassed 50%.  Did your management lie on that report?  If not, I think we can agree that to be a FACT.

Need more?

More than 200 dogs were also in the “”missing lost or stolen category.  If there is some other definition of that category, let us know, otherwise, this is a FACT (Also reported by YOUR management to PACFA).

Still more?

You have documentation from one adopter from Denver with documentation from his veterinarian, testimony from an established rescue that has saved hundreds of lives, and the adopter himself.  This is a FACT, unless you are calling him, the rescue and the veterinarian liars.

And more?


You have repeatedly discounted EYEWITNESS accounts.  You would like others to discount them, but they don’t.  Just because you are not comfortable admitting your shelter management brought on systemic failure in the operation of the facility, does not change the veracity of these eyewitness reports.  Nor does your discomfort make these eyewitnesses liars.  You can find dozens of these eyewitnesses on the FB page, which is only about a month old.  If you care to talk to them, please get in touch and find out more.


You asks for facts but do not accept them when given or discount them in some way.  You can call every person that has posted a liar if you want, but as you are so concerned with FACTS, is that your FACTUAL rebuttal?


If these FACTS are not enough for you to admit your incompetent, negligent and/or cruel management has failed and should be replaced, what would be enough?  Does it help he was arrested for animal cruelty as far back as 1998?


Screen Shot of article from the 1998 arrest of Director Tom Cameron on charges of animal cruelty. Cameron pled “No Contest” and was placed back in the shelter.


Another FACT, people affiliated with STOP FREMONT are banned from helping at your shelter.  Shutting the volunteer program is endangering or costing lives every day.  Your management did this.  You like to say criticisms of HSFC are endangering pets but everyone know that is not true, even you.  It is simply a tactic to lay distract away from your management, who is responsible for every animal death in the facility.

Your management’s fear and incompetence took free labor from the shelter.  Since June 11 through September 25, 2013, 5 of “disgruntled volunteers” have been instrumental in saving more than 116 dogs and 271 cats from ending up or remaining in the shelter by finding them homes, places in rescue or returning them to their owners.  That’s about 4 homeless pet lives saved per day.  Oh, and they managed to not kill a single one.

Change the management, replace with compassionate hard-working management, stop the charade, stop the denial, STOP the Humane Society of Fremont County from being a regressive shelter.



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