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High adoption shelter kills 1 in 2 cats in 2012

Considering this shelter killed 619 cats that it took in last year.  I find it tragically laughable they have the nerve to use this cat as a fundraising tool.  And to call themselves a “high volume adoption center”.  Whatever the hell that means.



In 2012, the 619 cats killed came to about a 50% kill rate for cats that had a chance to save. *

The regressive shelter management continually misleads the local community into thinking they are working hard, and working in the best interest of homeless pets.

If I could I would ask the cats how they feel about this.  But I am pretty sure the 619 that couldn’t answer even if they had the gift of speech would say Fatal Plus was not in their bets interest.

But I can’t ask them.  They’re dead.

The page says, “Please Help US Help Them”.

It should say, “Please Help Them, they are in the most dangerous place for cats in the county”.

Help STOP Fremont County Humane Society from killing more cats.  Let them know they have to replace the management and start saving lives.

* Statistic reported to Colorado State Agency PACFA by this shelter

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