Denver CO

Lulu November 10 2011



This is Lulu! Lulu came to rescue from a home where they said I didn’t get along with other dogs. Currently, Lulu is living with several other dogs a cat and two humans.  She is rambunctious, happy and a little pushy.  She has gotten along with all in the foster home where she has become a very well-adjusted girl.Lulu is an absolute sweetheart.

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Lulu is doing really well now.  Clearly, she came to us as a puppy and wa energetic, a little spastic and nervous trying to figure out her place in the world.  With her current fosters, she has learned that the world can be a pretty good place.She enjoys tussling with other dogs, cuddling and a human touch even if it is as simple as just keeping your hand on her.  She is very easily pleased by simply being around her human friends.She will probably be most happy with another four-legged friend in the house to play with.

Playing with friends



Lulu in Backyard – Relaxing


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