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PETA has zero credibility when it come to homeless pets

In a response to avoiding a contract with the Humane Society fo Fremont County, a city representative from Florence CO (Mike Vendetti)  is trying to use a PETA article as some kind of justification to kill homeless pets instead of saving them.  I put the link to the article at the bottom of the page.  It’s pretty offensive to shelters that save lives, of which PETA is not one.  Hate to put the link here, but if you must read it, go ahead.  Here are the actual answers to that piece of abhorrent propaganda.

Unfortunately, this nonsense by PETA is often used by uninformed people in order to justify the killing of homeless pets.  First things first, regardless of PETA’s popularity in some areas of animal welfare, PETA kills more than 90% of the homeless cats and dogs that it takes into the SINGLE shelter they operate for more than a decade.  These numbers can be found by the records that PETA has to record with the state of VirginiaPETA has ZERO credibility when it comes to how to run a shelter or save the lives of homeless pets.


That said, let’s look at the 5 points in the article from arguably the worst shelter organization (PETA) in the U.S.


  1. Animals are turned away at the shelter door, but they don’t magically vanish.
    1. No, in fact, what is happening with the current negotiations for the Animal Control contract is to ensure that no animals are turned away. That is not at the feet of the shelter at this moment, but in the hands of Florence representatives not continuing a reasonable contract that allows the shelter to accept animals at less than half the cost the shelter incurs.  The shelter is asking to take these animals.  It cannot legally do so without a contract.
  2. Animals still die—but in pain.
    1. This is simply untrue in good shelters. Before the management changed strategy in 2014, they were not caring for the animals or saving lives in any comparable way as the shelter is today.  The HSFC has become one of, if not the best shelter in Colorado for saving lives.  And they work tirelessly to take care of the animals in their care until they find a forever home.
  3. Animals spend years or months in cages
    1. This assumes there are two outcomes: Animals spend a long time in a kennel or they are killed.  But there are alternatives which the HSFC pursues, finding loving families for homeless pets.  There have been some long time guests.  But shelter living is not like jail when it is a good shelter Good shelters value animals.  Staff and Volunteers vaccinate the pets to ensure a healthy environment, walk the dogs, socialize the cats, trainers work with any behavior issues and medical care is found for the needs of the pets.  They are fed quality food and always have fresh water.  No sane person chooses to be killed in circumstances where they have food, shelter and loving people who care for them, even if the circumstances are not ideal.  Homeless pets do not want to be killed while they wait in a shelter.  they just want a home of thier own.
  4. Animals are cast out and keep on reproducing.
    1. There is no evidence of this at HSFC, in fact the evidence is completely to the contrary. All animals that leave the shelter are spayed unless there is a medical issue where it cannot safely be done.  Animals in need are given shelter.  There are programs to promote pet retention in good shelters.  For instance, if a person is in financial difficulty and cannot afford basic care, they can be offered resources from a food bank (which the HSFC has).  If you can keep an animal out of the shelter, you should when possible.  This is best practice.  It is the law.  If not, people pay additional money that is refunded when they bring back proof of a spay/neuter was performed.  As far as leaving cats to live in the wild.  TNR (Trap Neuter, Release or Return) is supported by virtually every animal welfare organization except PETA.  Because they prefer to kill pets.  Cats living in the wild live on average about the same as household cats.  They also live very natural lives.
  5. Animals are handed over to abusers and hoarders.
    1. Home checks, interviews, and applications weed out hoarders and dog fighters. The vast majority of people who adopt and the vast majority of the population are good people who love their pets.  This type of propaganda hurts achieving high adoption rates.  It’s simply alarmist rhetoric meant to disparage great shelters that save lives against PETA’s desire to kill homeless pets.  The HSFC has a proven record of saving lives and adopting to loving families.

And Mike, if you want to talk about this, call or email anytime.  My email is Davyd @ this domain name.  I will send my number if you contact.  I can tell you anything you need to know about how to save homeless pets.  Just over a year ago I would have been the last person expected to defend this shelter.  but the radical changes implemented, the unending compassion of the staff and volunteers, and the transparent statistics of the last year and a half tell the story of a great shelter that people of any community would be proud to support.  I am now an avid supporter of the shelter and hope the people of Florence approve the current contract submitted to continue the care and lifesaving that is now the standard of your community because of the Humane Society of Fremont County.


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