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06/11/2014 Shelter Statistics

Today on Animal Wise Radio we get to some of the nuts and bolts of advocacy with two great guests. No-Kill Colorado advocate Davyd Smith joins us to consider the good, the bad, and the unknown of shelter statistics. Colorado publishes data from every shelter in the state. Data isn’t cute, cuddly, soft or sweet, but we want to know how this data is relevant to advocates for no-kill reforms. What sort of tools and direction can the numbers provide? ( We’re also digging into shelter enrichment with Animal Ark’s own Brian Munroe ( Hear how he learned about dog play groups from trainer Amy Sadler, and then how he actually implemented them at Animal Ark. What was the learning curve and what type of outcomes has he seen? And Michael Mountain of Earth in Transition reflects on how compassion can trump belief systems as technology helps foster an emerging and more powerful circle of compassion.



 01/19/2014 No Kill ColoradoToday Animal Wise Radio is pleased to welcome Elizabeth Kucinich.She is an organic food & vegan advocate, a champion for peace, animals and the environment. She is the director of policy at the Center for Food Safety, the producer of two documentaries, and a socially conscious business owner. She is also the wife of US Representative Dennis Kucinich. We’re also pleased to reconnect with Davyd Smith of No-Kill Colorado and Colorado keeps shaking up the local animal rescue landscape with creative campaigns and challenges to failing shelters – we’ll do our best to keep up with him! And Michael Mountain of Earth in Transition interviews Guy McPherson, Prof. Emeritus of Nat. Resources and Ecology, and Evolutionary Biology at the U of AZ. As the Professor takes account of the multitude of challenges to our planet and its inhabitants, he’s also thoughtful about how one should live when standing on a razor’s edge.



06/11/2014  Just One Day

Today Mike and Beth will celebrate Just One Day with a special LIVE broadcast, featuring no kill rock stars Nathan Winograd, John Sibley and Davyd Smith.


09/08/2013  Fremont County humane Society

Animal Wise Radio takes a look at Wildcat news with Exec. Dir. Tammy Thies, of The Wildcat Sanctuary. They’ve stood strong through challenging weather events this year, from record snow to record winds. Through it all, they are looking ahead with legislative advocacy efforts in the upcoming session. We’ll focus in on some no-kill news with Davyd Smith of No Kill Colorado. Advocates are shining a light on some terrible shelter conditions in Canon City, CO, and are demanding change. We’ll also hear from Earth In Transition’s Michael Mountain as he considers chickens, ritual, factory farming, rescue and redemption.



04/28/2013 No Kill Colorado and Just One Day
Animal Wise Radio hosts Mike and Beth welcome back some favorite guests today who have important and inspiring updates to share. Adam Roberts, Exec. V.P. of Born Free USA brings news from the 2013 CITES Conference. This Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species is a forum for advocates to stand for protection of wild, endangered species when the tide seems against their survival. Born Free advocates tirelessly on behalf of wildlife and practices that threaten their status, and had an active role in some important debates. We also welcome back Davyd Smyth, an advocate with No Kill Colorado, and founder of He shares some of the ways Colorado is mobilizing for June 11, Just One Day 2013 ( Michael Mountain from writes of vivisection, humble mice, primates and goats, and why they deserve better than life in a lab or on a battle field as some observe World Laboratory Animal Day.



02/17/2013 Rescue One Dog
Animal Wise Radio hosts Mike and Beth are pleased to welcome back Davyd Smith, founder of Colorado based PeopleFud, human quality food for your dog. Davyd is a busy man, writing books about your pup’s health and food, promoting No-Kill in Colorado, making great dog food and supporting no-kill shelters with the We’ll talk about his work at PeopleFud, with no-kill CO and about Just One Day 2013 – a day for shelters of all kinds to sign up and embrace the programs of the No-Kill Equation. We’ll also talk about the right to patent life with Bill Freese, Sr. Policy Analyst with the Center for Food Safety. They’ve been tracking legal changes in the US that have turned our seed stock into corporate intellectual property, and have enabled international chemical and seed giants like Pioneer, Syngenta, Dow and Monsanto to put a legal stranglehold on farmers and the centuries old practice of seed saving. Learn about how corporate bullying affects farmers, consumers and our land. And hear what Mark Twain and Michael Mountain have to say about vivisection. What does the recent 10 Year study about mouse drug trials tells us about the practice of animal testing? Is our scientific establishment willing to hear it?


PeopleFud and No Kill Colorado

Animal Wise Radio from May 6, 2012
In the middle of yet another rolling and expanding pet food recall, we will talk a lot about pet food on Animal Wise Radio today. Davyd Smith, co-founder of PeopleFud, a Colorado based dog food company, and Margaret Gates, founder of Each started down their respective paths of researching nutrition for their own pets, and each had an awakening. Many packaged pet foods are actually at the root of chronic disease. Both Davyd and Margaret have done something with this knowledge. Margaret shares a truckload of feline articles and resources online, and Davyd and his co-founder are, also educating pet owners and producing quality foods for dogs in a human grade food plant. Davyd will also talk about No-Kill Colorado efforts in encouraging local shelters and rescues to join up for JUST ONE DAY. Mike and Beth cover the ongoing story of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control – and how they resist reforms and support even from their closest allies.

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