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Save Homeless Pets with RescueOneDog and Homeless Pet Clubs

Rescue One Dog just got back from Austin where I met Homeless Pet Clubs founder..

The American Pets Alive! Conference was amazing.  Learned so much.  Ironically, the last person I met had something you can do and you can easily do, and he wasn’t even attending the conference.

I found something I believe can help us all get one step closer to No Kill.  I had the good fortune to meet the Dr. Michael Good, founder of the Homeless Pet Club, and I want everyonehpc-logo-hdr to visit his site and see how you can integrate this life saving initiative into your shelters and rescues.

Dr. Good has a successful veterinarian practice in Georgia.  After helping at a shelter that exposed him to the killing happening every day in shelters, he wanted to do more.  And he came up with an idea that helps our social networking cross posting of homeless pets gain a reach beyond our personal reach.

The internet was a real boon for rescuers and shelters to reach out and let people know about homeless pets.  Facebook, twitter and the rest have given us a wider reach and cheap marketing tool we should all use.  But I find as a rescuer, my efforts and the pets that I post are mostly reaching people already working to save lives.

As much as I try to share other’s homeless pets, I work with local rescues and have my hands full with the pets in my own backyard.  Until I am saving every healthy treatable pet in Denver Metro, how can I help all these other people?

The message is simple.  We all ask for the same four things: Adopt, Foster, Volunteer, Donate.  We should always ask those questions.  But we lose more people than gain after we make that ask.  The folks that already are willing to get actively involved pretty much do it whether we ask or not.  Other people just find it overwhelming to help if they are not avid rescuers.

But now there is one more ask. We can ask them to sponsor a pet.  No fostering, adopting, giving money or volunteering.  Sponsoring, and its easy.

This is where Homeless Pet Clubs comes in with the next tool in rescue.  And it is something anyone can do from kindergarten to high school to work place to retirement home.  It is easy and can even be fun for a non-rescuer to do.  And it gets us in front of that population that doesn’t see our posts, because they are not in a rescuer network.

Let’s face it, as rescuers most of the people on our friend’s lists, twitter followers, page subscribers or blog readers are already in the rescue world.  They are rescuing furry friends for their organization.  But Homeless Pet Club lets people who have nothing to do with rescue to become part of our work force.

People have their day job friends, family and real life friends who would help if it was easy.  So they can start a Homeless Pet Club.  They simply sign up an organization like a team at their work place, a school class, a pee wee baseball team, a girl scout troop, a church group or another non-profit group and sponsor a pet.

The club can choose a pet from those available at a participating local shelter and make it their job to market it.  Simple emails, Facebook, twitter, etc.  You, as a rescuer, do that today, but you don’t reach the same people.  They reach non-rescue people.  The everyday people we need to adopt rather than buy a pet.

So get in touch.  Rescue One Dog has agreed to help Dr. Good.  And we are working it into No Kill Colorado as well.  Then Rescue One Dog will be looking to get organizations and people to join and market your homeless dogs and cats.  We can save more and Homeless Pet Clubs is a new tool I want to help you use.

Sign up to start your own club by clicking here.

If you are a shelter and want to know more, click here.


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