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Stop the Humane Society of Fremont County Timeline 2013

We have a lot of new folks (over 800 in three weeks).

Clearly, people care about homeless pets in Canon City and Fremont County.  With the probable exception of the people currently in charge of the shelter

First time people come on to the page they have a lot of questions.   To give you some history:

 The Shelter is in Canon City, Fremont County Colorado

  1. Volunteers tried to make change within the shelter for years, many simply stopped volunteering but some stayed on and shut up to save lives in a regressive, unappreciative and harmful environment.  They finally got fed up and decided to act.
  2. Over two months, volunteers documented numerous issues in shelter operations and management.  In May 2013, volunteers documented multiple issues at the shelter and sent them to DORA.
  3. In June 7, 2013 the Department of agriculture investigated finding multiple violations.
  4. In July 11, 2013 the Department of agriculture investigated again finding multiple violations.
  5. In response to the violations from June and July  2013 (around Jun 12)
    1. the shelter management began addressing some of the structural issue, but ignored the core issue with management, policy, neglect and possible abuse
    2. the regressive management have admitted no wrongdoing except some structural issues and bad paperwork (there were much more serious violations)
    3. the regressive management banned the volunteers trying to help
    4. the regressive management terminated the foster program
  6. In August an adopter that had two dogs with serious surgical issues from the shelter care started the Facebook (8/16/2013) Page
    1. RescueOneDog posts some blogs – read these –    
    2. Yes Biscuit posts their blog – read this –
  7. The board was clearly asked to remove shelter management and replace with a new compassionate and hardworking director immediately
    1. August 23 2013 One Board member commented (See posts related to Mr. Christopher Jenks) on the page and was engaged
    2. August 26, 2013 One Phone Call with the Mr. Jenks was encouraging, but then no action was taken by the board
  8. August 2013 into September 2013 Canon City Daily Record has published multiple letter to the editors of the community supporting the volunteers in asking for removal of the director
  9. the Shelter
    1. We have to assume the shelter is full.
    2. We have to assume without the volunteers coordinating with rescues that animals are not getting out
    3. We have to assume the killing of animals has increased
    4. We have to assume the level of care has degraded and will continue to do so.
  10. 9/4/2013 – The Canon City Mayor asks the City Council to suspend the contract with the shelter
  11. 9/5/2013 – Council decide to keep contract with the shelter after visiting facility. 
  12. 9/5/2013 Investigative report by  Andy Koen of KOAA Colorado Springs and Pueblo Continuous News and Weather
  13. 9/8/2013 – AnimalWise Radio’s Mike Fry and Beth nelson Interview STOP Fremont
  14. 9/16/2013City Council Meeting  Monday September 16th 6pm at 128 Main St. – 5 people spoke for shelter reform
  15. September 23rd – volunteer called to save pregnant cat
  16. September 24th – volunteer confirms they can pick up pregnant cat and have a safe loving foster for her.
  17. September 27th, management decides to kill pregnant cat.  Claims 104 fever.  Does not notify rescue until they are ready to pick up.
  18. NOW – We are now asking everyone (YOU) to start writing, emailing or calling whoever you think might help.  RescueOneDog has put up a page with some contact information


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