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Misdirection, No Direction, Working Hard to NOT Save Lives in Fremont County

The gross misdirection the Humane Society of Fremont County uses under current management to get money and resources for the shelter is so blatantly apparent.  Yet little action is being taken by people with the power to make change.  What is it going to take to make these people see […]


June 11, 2013 will be the safest day for homeless pets in Colorado

Colorado is showing its compassion for homeless pets. In 2012, an event was started nationally called Just One Day.  Created by Mike Fry of Animal Ark Shelter and Animal Wise Radio out of Minnesota.  Mike’s idea was pretty simple.  Shelters and other organizations would not kill animals for Just One […]


Pet adovcate orgs need to be transparent with thier money

Saw a blog article by Emily Fromm, VP of development for Petfinder today.  If only all organizations were so forthcoming with their revenues and spending policies.  You can find this information out for many of the organizations by looking up their Form 990 which is public information.  Emily’s post with a lot of detail […]

Open No Kill Letter to Santa and Denver City and County

Current State Denver has seen an improvement over the past few years in the percentage of homeless pets saved as a result of intake vs. live animals leaving the shelter.  This statistic is encouraging, but as a community, we can do better. A good place to start is looking at […]


Was Chloe tased, chokepoled and shot because she was a Vicious dog? Commerce City is describing her that way in thier posts.

Looking for information of Chloe, the dog tased, chokepoled and shot on November 24th by a police officer during an incident in Commerce City Colorado, I was clicking around the Commerce City website looking for more information on the shooting.  One bad decision after another ended in Chloe being shot five times […]