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Do the Math: Colorado is Lucky to Have PACFA (Pet Animal Control Facilities Act) Statistics

Individual stories allow us to understand how important it is to care about each individual animal. Broad statistics help us measure what is happening in communities and regions.  Colorado is lucky to have mandatory reporting via PACFA (Pet Animal Control Facilities Act). The yearly statistics are extremely useful in trending […]


PACFA Dog Transfer Numbers Shows Colorado can be a No Kill State

Dog Transfers into Colorado shows we can be a No Kill State I will look at cats in another post. Cats deserve more attention according to our PACFA statistics. We are not saving cats at the rate we are saving dogs. But statistics get more complicated with more variables, so I […]


2013 Review for the Humane Society for Fremont County Live Release Rates

Colorado PACFA Statistics for 2013 I recently got a hold of the PACFA statistics for 2013 for Colorado shelters and rescues reporting on outcomes for homeless pets. The overall numbers are truly encouraging. We had another improvement on the state save rates for the several years in a row. There […]

Houston Needs to Embrace the No Kill Equation and Stop Using Colorado as its Soluion to Homeless Pets

Transferring is a great way to save lives. Moving homeless pets from an overcrowded shelter to another shelter, foster or rescue that has room is a great way to utilize other resources to save lives until a new adopter can be found. I completely support this. But I am little […]

Wallie, a dog saved from the shelter by animal advocates and doing well today. He was lucky to get out and to a loving home. More than 2 animals we killed every day the shelter was open in 2012.

in 2013, Animal Advocates made strides improving the Humane Society of Fremont County in Canon City

The movement to expose the Humane Society of Fremont County succeeded in being number 4 of the top stories in the Canon City Daily Record in 2013.  Although there were victories, there is more to do to protect homeless pets and get more saved in Fremont County. You can see […]