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Just One Day 2013 – No Kill Colorado

Hi, According to Colorado Department of Agriculture statistics for fiscal year 2011, Colorado animal shelters euthanized 31,751 animals.  Many of these animals were adoptable and needlessly died. On June 11, 2013, animal shelters across the U.S. are taking a pledge to not kill any savable animals for Just One Day.  […]


Colorado prominent on No Kill conference Poster

  Looks like the No kill Conference has expectations of participation from Colorado.  Of all the states shown, only Colorado and Texas are fully visible.  I think it is a challenge for Colorado Shelter and Rescue workers to start planning a trip to Washington D.C. this year.  Who’s going?  


No Kill default home pages

In case you are looking to how to keep up to date on stuff No Kill, you might want to change you browser to bring up a couple of pages as default.  these four are my default if I open my browser. YesBiscuit’s Blog   Nathan Winograd’s Blog  John Sibley’s “In […]


June 11, 2013 – Just One Day to save more than10,000 shelter pets

  June 11, 2013.  It’s Just one Day.  If you are the director of animal shelter, can you consider signing the pledge for Just One Day?  Next year, we would like all shelters to refrain from killing a single pet in their care.  Just One Day. June 11, 2013. Could […]