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Sanctuary: a place of refuge or safety

Lion (Public Domain) A suck story out of Elbert County, Colorado:  Lion’s Gate Sanctuary was apparently flooding due to the location of the property, leaving the 11 lions, tigers and bears who lived there in poor conditions.  The animals were reportedly elderly and frail.  The sanctuary owner submitted a request […]

Simple Tips & Tricks for Better Photos & Videos That Save Lives

If a great description of an adoptable pet can help sell him or her online, then a picture is, as the saying goes, worth #1,000 words. A great video is probably worth 1 million. But, lets face it, there is a reason photographers say they never want to work with […]

Treats on the Internets

While there is some question as to whether dogs in general like to be dressed up, it is certain that at least one dog in WA does not like being dressed up, getting lost and being picked up the police.  (Thanks Lisa.) A disabled veteran in TX found a job […]