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Free Download: Does This Cat Need Rescue?

Note: the following has been turned into a downloadable flyer that animal shelters and rescues can use to hand out to people who want to help people determine if a cat they find needs help. . Every day in animal shelters across the USA, so-called “stray” cats pour into animal […]

Simple Tips & Tricks for Better Photos & Videos That Save Lives

If a great description of an adoptable pet can help sell him or her online, then a picture is, as the saying goes, worth #1,000 words. A great video is probably worth 1 million. But, lets face it, there is a reason photographers say they never want to work with […]

No Kill – A Path to Walk and a Destination to Reach

The coming of the new year has left me reflective of the decades of work that have passed since since my family first became involved in No Kill advocacy and shelter operations. Those years have been a journey that began in 1977 when my mother helped found what became Minnesota’s […]

If You Have a Problem With This You May Be Part of the Problem

Photo: Waiting lines for adoptions at Front Street Animal Shelter, in Sacramento, CA Courtesy ofThe Sacramento Bee Just before Thanksgiving a remarkablestoryappeared inThe Sacramento Bee. A real estate business woman decided to sponsor every pet adoption from the Front Street Animal Shelter, operated by the City of Sacramento. The response […]

The Cat is Out of the Bag: No Kill Pretenders Signs of No Kill Progress

Reflecting back on my 20 or so years of No Kill advocacy, one thing keeps coming to mind: Shortly after the movement began gaining steam, when impromptu No Kill groups began popping up around the USA, and when more communities began achieving No Kill success, a friend and coworker made […]