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Call It What It Is – Not Pet Overpopulation

There was a time in my life when I uttered the phrase “pet overpopulation” several times a day. My family and I, after all, had spent many years of our lives fighting to end the “pet overpopulation” crisis. The thinking was, at the time, that animal shelters in the USA […]

Engaging the Community in No Kill Discussions Can Smash Through Obstacles to Success

Whether it was Austin, Texas; Reno, Nevada; Lake County, Florida or Huntsville, Alabama, one factor contributed to No Kill advocates successfully getting buy-in for the life-saving programs generally known as the No Kill Equation: They actively and effectively engaged their entire community in the No Kill discussion. Doing so, and […]

Pet Help Desks are Essential to Saving Lives

Show the picture above to anyone who works the intake desk at an animal shelter and you will likely get an immediate heart-felt laugh. It depicts an intake area in which a pair of cats are attempting to return their owner to the shelter. The caption reads “Rufus returns his […]

Know Your Stuff: How To Audit Animal Shelter Statistics

People working to assess animal shelters have relied heavily on a simple statistic to measure shelter performance: The Live Release Rate or LRR, which is the percentage of animals that leave the shelter alive, relative to the total outcomes. In an ideal world, computing this number would be simple and […]

Free Download: Does This Cat Need Rescue?

Note: the following has been turned into a downloadable flyer that animal shelters and rescues can use to hand out to people who want to help people determine if a cat they find needs help. . Every day in animal shelters across the USA, so-called “stray” cats pour into animal […]