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Continuing PETAs silence on stealing and killing a family pet

Prosecutors from Accomack County released a statement here: The prosecutors that did not see criminal intent when PETA took a dog from the porch of the owner and subsequently killed it have released a statement. The prosecutor’s argument about PETA stealing and killing the dog is based on the fact […]

Reject BSL – The Stupid Side of BSL Enforcement (as opposed to the inhumane practice)

Breaking up families with friendly pets is one horrible symptom of BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). Denver killed thousands of dogs when it implemented BSL two decades ago and since. Many of them family pets. They were not assessed for temperament, they were killed for having a square head. But how […]


Commerce City Colorado – Police shoot and kill dog near Denver

  Kenny Collins, a resident of Commerce City just north of Denver called the police to report a dog running loose near his property.  He did not make the dog sound overly aggressive, but did call it “big”, a “Pit Bull” mix, and say it was barking at neighbors. Chloe, […]