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Feds Strip Manatees of Endangered Species Status Despite Serious Threats

Manatees gathered near the TECO power plant in Tampa.  (Photo via Save the Manatee) Your tl;dr Summary: Feds: There are more manatees so that endangered species thing is solved. Scientists:  What about the fact that we are providing a lethal habitat for them? Feds:  There are MORE MANATEES. *** Data […]

Desperately Seeking Shelter: Corpus Christi Edition

Dog being cared for by the “irresponsible public” as shown on the Corpus Christi Caller-Times website. A dog owner in Corpus Christi, Texas apparently tried to help his young dog via a home splinting/bandaging job on both front legs. He ended up causing additional harm to the dog and decided […]

CA Rescue Group Adopts Dog Then Steals Him from Adopter

Blinky, as shown on the website. A rescue scenario many of us can relate to: A woman fell in love with a dog she met at a CA adoption event in early September.  She filled out an application, answering all questions truthfully, including that she had a full time […]

KY Study Exposes Troubling Failures at Municipal Shelters

Warning:  Toward the end of this post, there are some graphic photos which may be disturbing to some readers. In 2004, the state of Kentucky went from an Anything Goes type of attitude toward animal control facilities to a Well, Not Literally Anything Goes view with the enactment of the […]