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Was Chloe tased, chokepoled and shot because she was a Vicious dog? Commerce City is describing her that way in thier posts.

Looking for information of Chloe, the dog tased, chokepoled and shot on November 24th by a police officer during an incident in Commerce City Colorado, I was clicking around the Commerce City website looking for more information on the shooting.  One bad decision after another ended in Chloe being shot five times […]


Commerce City Council Meeting for Chloe – Open Forum

If you attended Commerce City Council Meeting for Chloe on December 1, 2012, we would like to hear what you thought about it. Did you think anything was accomplished?  Do you think Chloe was well represented?  Do you believe there was a udnerstanding that this one incident is indicative as a generall […]


Was Chloe shot because she was profiled as a Pit Bull?

According to the Westword  , Chloe was not alone in the garage.  There was another dog, jack, in a kennel.  Jack in the terrifying aftermath of the shooting apparently escaped and was running free.  Because Jack did not look like Chloe, this seemed to not necessitate securing him.  Under the […]