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Reject BSL – The Stupid Side of BSL Enforcement (as opposed to the inhumane practice)

Breaking up families with friendly pets is one horrible symptom of BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). Denver killed thousands of dogs when it implemented BSL two decades ago and since. Many of them family pets. They were not assessed for temperament, they were killed for having a square head. But how […]


Why are there Opponents to a Ballot to Save Colorado Shelter Pets ?

On Thursday April 17, there were presentations by Juliet Piccone (Saving Colorado Shelter Pets) and Lisa Pedersen (Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare ) presenting opposing views to the Saving Colorado Shelter Pets Act . I think there is some misunderstanding on what it is being asked: a reasonable ballot proposal called the […]


June 11, 2013 will be the safest day for homeless pets in Colorado

Colorado is showing its compassion for homeless pets. In 2012, an event was started nationally called Just One Day.  Created by Mike Fry of Animal Ark Shelter and Animal Wise Radio out of Minnesota.  Mike’s idea was pretty simple.  Shelters and other organizations would not kill animals for Just One […]


Davyd Smith from PeopleFud will be on tomorrow.  He will be talking about nutrition and No Kill Colorado Animal Wise Radio Radio celebrating animals and all of our connections to them.  Streaming 24/7.


Nathan Winograd won’t make it to Denver this year to speak

UPDATE:  This was posted in 2013.  This year Nathan Winograd will be in Denver on July 12 2014 for a screening of his documentary “redemption” based on his first book.  There will also be a one hour presentation for the “No Kill is Love” tour. Buy tickets at No Kill […]