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We can save every one

This weekend the town of Antonito, Colorado a partnership centered around Animal Rescue of Conejos County (ARCC) continues in its goal of saving every homeless pet.  With the hard work of ARCC, the town, the elected officials, local volunteers and other Colorado rescue and shelter partners, the second spay/neuter weekend begins […]


Save Homeless Pets with RescueOneDog and Homeless Pet Clubs

Rescue One Dog just got back from Austin where I met Homeless Pet Clubs founder.. The American Pets Alive! Conference was amazing.  Learned so much.  Ironically, the last person I met had something you can do and you can easily do, and he wasn’t even attending the conference. I found […]


Rejecting potential adopters

I got in big trouble for this a while ago and practically lost a rescuer/friend because I talked about this. I am going to have to take that chance again. We, as shelters and rescues must do something about rejecting potential adopters for check box reasons when we have a […]


Fosters, Adopters, shelter staff are all links in the chain to saving animals lives

In no way would I demean the role of adopters, but they are one link in the chain to keeping shelter pets from being killed each day in the U.S. We need people who are willing to foster until the right home can be found. A pet comes into a […]



Tucker was abandoned.  he was brought to us after he was simply abandoned and their was no logic.  He was a big mutt, with a big heart. Tucker came in as foster, but the family fostering new in a very short time, hours actually, that he needed to stay. So […]