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Barnes and Noble cancels Michael Vick’s Book Signing Tour

Ironic that the title of Vick’s book was Finally Free which was scheduled to release at Barnes & Noble with his book signings.  He really thought we’d forget? I don’t know what he thought that title meant (I really never will as I will not purchase the book and don’t really […]


Friendly Fire, Nathan Winograd’s 2012 Book

I have read Redemption, Irreconcilable Differences and now Friendly Fire.  I am absolutely certain Winograd’s books have changed the lives of pets across the country and the numbers saved.  This book outlines some of the incredulous events that have transpired due to negligence, incompetence, or outright policy of some of […]


A man and his dog

Just a few months ago, I spoke with a gentleman about adopting a dog.  His family was rejected for not being willing to let the dog on the furniture.  I worked to help him find another rescue or shelter to get the family a dog. I believe in the application […]