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‘Shop, Don’t Adopt,’ says Former ASPCA CEO

Paid $5,000 per month to shill for Petland which runs pet stores that sell commercially bred puppies, former ASPCA CEO Ed Sayres argues that people should ‘shop, not adopt,’ that pet stores protect public safety, that shelter dogs are a threat, and that pit bulls are a bigger danger to […]

A 10-Pack of Redemption

To assist you in your fight for No Kill in your community, Redemption, my film about the No Kill revolution in America, is now available in a 10-pack of DVDs to give to elected officials (or friends and family) at cost: $40 including shipping. You can purchase the 10-pack by […]

What Shelters Owe Traumatized Animals

I met countless dogs and cats who had survived unimaginable cruelty: they were used to fight or used as ‘bait’ in fights, starved to shockingly skeletal states, set on fire. When I would visit the animals on my lunch hour, though, I would often see dogs wag their broken, bandaged […]

Making Shelter Dogs Happy

Healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy relationships. And sniff holes. It will surprise no one that many “dogs experience fear and anxiety immediately upon admission” to a shelter. These are dogs who are used to living in homes or even on the street and then find themselves kenneled in a strange, […]

Legislating No Kill Delaware-Style

A dog for adoption at Delaware Animal Services. For the first half of this year, Delaware Animal Services, which provides animal control sheltering throughout the State of Delaware, saved 89% of cats, 93% of dogs, and 98% of other animals. Since Delaware passed a modified version of the Companion Animal […]