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PETA: ‘cats better off dead’

“An international animal rights organization believes the free-roaming cats that live under this borough’s boardwalk would be better off with a lethal injection than having to spend all their nine lives in the cruel outdoors.” This is Big Red. Big Red is a community cat who lives in Seaside Heights, […]

PETA’s conduct “outrageous and intolerable”

PETA tells a court that dogs are worthless and that stealing & killing a family’s dog is not “outrageous.” The Court disagrees. Maya. Stolen and killed by PETA On October 18, 2014, PETA employees illegally entered a family’s yard, went on their porch, stole their dog, and then killed her […]

Same State; Worlds Apart

Dallas wants to eliminate holding periods to kill animals right away. Austin more than doubled theirs as they recently passed one of the most rigorous, smart, and comprehensive holding period laws in the country. Community dogs in Dallas. Dallas Animal Services wants the ability to kill them right away, with […]

The Rescue of Kerry

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal.” Kerry’s expression says it all in this series of photos which chronicle her rescue by Central California Pets Alive. One month later, Kerry was adopted by a family. As a society, we owe a […]