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Pueblo Animal Protection Act

The Hon. Steve Nawrocki, President, And Members of the Pueblo City Council 1 City Hall Place Pueblo, CO 81003 Re: Pueblo Animal Protection Act Dear Members of the City Council, On behalf of the Pueblo and Colorado members of the No Kill Advocacy Center, I am writing in support of […]

Why PETA Kills

Why PETA Kills is available on Amazon. From now until Sunday, December 3, it is available as a free download. Why? Why does PETA kill thousands of dogs and cats every year? Why are PETA employees instructed to acquire animals by any means necessary – which has included lying and […]

Memphis Violates the Constitutional Rights of Rescuers

The Hon. Jim Strickland, Mayor, And Members of the City Council Memphis City Hall 125 N. Main St. Memphis, TN 38103 Dear Mayor and Council Members, Several Memphis citizens have reached out to us over the enactment by Memphis Animal Services (MAS) of a new “Rescue Partner Policy” which includes […]

Ingrid Newkirk Responds… Sort Of

In response to my criticism of PETA for: Killing 9 out of 10 animals; Supporting the killing of all pit bulls in every shelter in America; Thanking a Mayor/City Council for killing healthy and friendly dogs because of the way they look; Rounding up and killing animals in the back […]

For Whom the Bell Tolls

What It’s Like to Be a Dog… or a Pig… or a Cow Animals have eyes and they see with them, the way we humans see with ours. They have ears and they hear with them (again, just like us). They have legs and they walk with them. They have […]