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Fosters NOW!

Rescue groups are always looking for additional fosters. but this weekend I have two groups that have put the word our they are already over capacity and we all know there is another life to save tomorrow.   Could you help?  Are you an experienced dog person with room in your […]


Rejecting No Kill Excuses

Replace the word Austin with Denver. This is the message we need to send. This is Ryan Clinton, founder of FixAustin.Org, discusses the need to reject excuses and implement changes to reduce the institutionalized slaughter of dogs and cats at Austin’s municipal pound.


The economics of adopting a dog

There are a million reasons to adopt a dog.  Primarily because by adopting you save the life of a dog.  I realize that some people think hard about finances when taking on this kind of commitment.  Well, adopting is cheap! When you buy a dog from a pet store, you […]


Finish this sentence

Finish this sentence…. To decrease the killing of 3 million dogs and cats in shelters each year, I would ____________ I’m not being facetious here.  If you forget everything you know or think you know about shelters and shelter operations and think about the fundamental problem with the inhumane treatment […]


Muddling of No Kill definition

I was very disappointed when I spoke to a rescuer the other day from an organization I have a lot of respect for. I know they do good work and genuinely care about the lives and well-being of homeless pets.No names, because they are not bad people or a bad […]