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Continuing PETAs silence on stealing and killing a family pet

Prosecutors from Accomack County released a statement here: The prosecutors that did not see criminal intent when PETA took a dog from the porch of the owner and subsequently killed it have released a statement. The prosecutor’s argument about PETA stealing and killing the dog is based on the fact […]


What do you think?

I receive and interesting message on Facebook today, and without revealing the person that messaged me, I would still like to respond in a public forum so people can chime in. Post to me: “You are spreading Nathan Winograd’s false information: a) PeTA isn’t a “shelter,” b) nearly every animal PeTA […]


I guess Pit Bulls cause people to become criminals and cannot be trusted.

From a letter to Mayor of Williamson County from PETA on March 15, 2013: “ PETA also recommends a ban on the adoption/release of dangerous dogs and fighting breeds (commonly known as “pit bulls”). Dogfighting is a widespread criminal activity that usually involves—in addition to cruelty to animals—illegal gambling and […]


Pet adovcate orgs need to be transparent with thier money

Saw a blog article by Emily Fromm, VP of development for Petfinder today.  If only all organizations were so forthcoming with their revenues and spending policies.  You can find this information out for many of the organizations by looking up their Form 990 which is public information.  Emily’s post with a lot of detail […]


Friendly Fire, Nathan Winograd’s 2012 Book

I have read Redemption, Irreconcilable Differences and now Friendly Fire.  I am absolutely certain Winograd’s books have changed the lives of pets across the country and the numbers saved.  This book outlines some of the incredulous events that have transpired due to negligence, incompetence, or outright policy of some of […]