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Reject BSL – The Stupid Side of BSL Enforcement (as opposed to the inhumane practice)

Breaking up families with friendly pets is one horrible symptom of BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). Denver killed thousands of dogs when it implemented BSL two decades ago and since. Many of them family pets. They were not assessed for temperament, they were killed for having a square head. But how […]

Aurora Colorado BSL – Let’s get it Straight on Responsibility

So there is a meeting in Aurora to talk about the BSL (breed Specific Legislation) again.  Great, I absolutely am happy this is happening.  See more here. But then I look at this sign.  And it took a little while for it to sink in. It’s blaming dog owners. […]


I guess Pit Bulls cause people to become criminals and cannot be trusted.

From a letter to Mayor of Williamson County from PETA on March 15, 2013: “ PETA also recommends a ban on the adoption/release of dangerous dogs and fighting breeds (commonly known as “pit bulls”). Dogfighting is a widespread criminal activity that usually involves—in addition to cruelty to animals—illegal gambling and […]


Barnes and Noble cancels Michael Vick’s Book Signing Tour

Ironic that the title of Vick’s book was Finally Free which was scheduled to release at Barnes & Noble with his book signings.  He really thought we’d forget? I don’t know what he thought that title meant (I really never will as I will not purchase the book and don’t really […]


Was Chloe tased, chokepoled and shot because she was a Vicious dog? Commerce City is describing her that way in thier posts.

Looking for information of Chloe, the dog tased, chokepoled and shot on November 24th by a police officer during an incident in Commerce City Colorado, I was clicking around the Commerce City website looking for more information on the shooting.  One bad decision after another ended in Chloe being shot five times […]