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You Can’t Say it is Impossible if it Exists

Saw an article today and had to comment.  You can see the full article link at the end of this post. I understand how someone with no experience with a good No Kill organization and a bad experience of trying to reduce the killing of homeless pets would assume it […]


No Kill Christmas Gifts. I am going to regift what you gave me. – @NathanWinograd @RyanClinton @MikeFry @m_kitkoski

When I first found Nathan Winograd’s first book Redemption, I read the first chapter or two with skepticism.  I believed what was pounded into my head for years:  Shelters kill because they have to not because they choose to.  Slowly I went through a range of emotions from anger, helplessness, […]


Wanted in Fremont County Colorado: Compassionate Animal Shelter Director

Wanted in Fremont County: Compassionate Animal Shelter Director There should be a position opening for a Compassionate Animal Shelter Director.  The current management appears not to be interested (a recent inspection by the state has shown multiple and serious violations of regulations resulting in the suffering or killing of otherwise […]


June 11, 2013 will be the safest day for homeless pets in Colorado

Colorado is showing its compassion for homeless pets. In 2012, an event was started nationally called Just One Day.  Created by Mike Fry of Animal Ark Shelter and Animal Wise Radio out of Minnesota.  Mike’s idea was pretty simple.  Shelters and other organizations would not kill animals for Just One […]


Animal Wise Radio interview with Davyd Smith from RescueOneDog

If you missed the Animal Wise Radio interview with Davyd Smith from RescueOneDog , you can get the link here No Kill Colorado, Just One Day and PeopleFud were discussed.