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Update on Chloe – Dog Shot in Commerce City near Denver Colorado

CHloe Pit Bull Mix Killed Commerce City Colorado

It appears the district attorney in Commerce City is taking over the investigation after Chloe, a family pet, was shot and killed by a police officer while held in a catchpole and after being tased twice.

The officer claims Chloe, who is repeatedly being identified as a pit bull or pit bull mix, was acting aggressively before he opened fire.

CHloe Pit Bull Mix Killed Commerce City Colorado
Chloe the dog Killed in Commerce City Colorado November 24 2012

If you are a dog owner and can stomach the video, it is not possible to read aggression in Chloe’s body language and action.  To date, two trainers I know have viewed the video and by their expert claims, there was no sign of aggression from the dog.

I am interested on how this is going to play out.  I keep waiting for opinions to come out about the officer being in the right, especially because the dog was a pit bull.

Common misconceptions about pit Bulls:

  • Pit Bulls have locking jaws.
  • Pit Bulls can hold on with their front teeth while chewing with their back teeth.
  • Pit Bulls don’t feel pain.
  • Pit Bulls have more bite pressure per square inch (PSI) than any other breed.
  • Pit Bulls attack more people than any other breed.
  • The brains of Pit Bulls swell and cause them to go crazy.
  • Pit Bulls ‘turn’ on their owners.
  • Pit Bulls cannot get along with other animals

So I hope it is not an excuse for what happened to Chloe.  From the current visual evidence, there is no excuse for what happened, but I hope the reasons are laid at the feet of poor training and/or decision making.

People who knew Chloe have attested to her friendly disposition:

A neighbor of Chloe’s companion said, “Chloe is a good dog to everybody; I’ve never seen her aggressive to nobody.”  Poor English, but we know what he meant.

The person who called the dog into the police to be picked up said “He never came at me in an aggressive manner.”

Can this tragic event to be a catalyst for change?

There is an opportunity.

On December 3, 2012, Commerce City council will have a meeting. People, sigining in by 6:15 will have the opportunity to speak for 3 minutes.   meeting starts at 6:30 pm at 7887 East 60th Avenue, Commerce City, Colorado


6 thoughts on “Update on Chloe – Dog Shot in Commerce City near Denver Colorado”

  1. the police should be punished for what they did to that poor dog. my daughter has a pit bull puppy 5 months old and she is the sweetest thing. she s better than my two dogs!!!!!

  2. Jack, The police were called by a neighbor of the person she was styaing with for a few days. As Chloe was staying with someone for the holiday weekend, the neighbors did not know she belonged there. She got out of the garage and was wandering around.

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