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Was Chloe tased, chokepoled and shot because she was a Vicious dog? Commerce City is describing her that way in thier posts.

Looking for information of Chloe, the dog tased, chokepoled and shot on November 24th by a police officer during an incident in Commerce City Colorado, I was clicking around the Commerce City website looking for more information on the shooting.  One bad decision after another ended in Chloe being shot five times while chokepoled.

I found these announcements below which disturbed for the way they have positioned the temperament of Chloe.  They were posted on November 26th and 27th.

This timely posting on an incident that just occurred characterized Chloe as a vicious animal (see below).  As all other descriptives in the post seem to avoiding characterizing the actions of the police officer, I find it disingenuous to do so to the victim.

If there was an investigation on the shooting of the person, would you see the dead victim characterized as vicious?  If there was a straightforward action, such as Chloe was charging the officer, was biting, etc., that could have been pointed out (such as “officer shoots dog” is a fact, but why is a question).  I could even accept the fact that they might have created a police report indicating the officer shot as he believed Chloe was vicious, even though the video clearly disputes this.  But it doesn’t say allegedly vicious dog, which would give some credence to the fact that this is in question.

But the posts below condemn Chloe as a vicious animal as if her temperament is an established fact.  Just as the law stating an officer wrongly shot Chloe would be unacceptable until the incident is reviewed would not be said, I think the headline “Vicious Dog Shot by Officer” is clearly not the eye of an impartial judge.  Starting with identifying Chloe as “vicious” can lead one to the conclusion that the officer had no choice before reviewing the evidence.

Is Chloe’s case being set up to insure this incident was the simple actions of an officer using deadly force because of a real threat?

November 26th Post


November 27 Post

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