Denver CO

Would you choose to live?

So you and 19 other people are in the wild.  There is shelter and food for exactly 18 people.  Everyone looks around, and you’re voted off the island.  You’re kind of funny looking and have a bad attitude.  There’s simply not enough room or resources to keep 19 people alive.  Sorry.

So you are given a choice of two options

Option 1:  You can be left out to survive on your own.  Hunting, scavenging and fighting the elements and other creatures that may be about.  It might be freezing part of the year, and dangerously cold.  In the summer, sweltering hot and with the heat more chance of infection and disease.

Option 2:  They have a needle filled with a blue solution.  If you let them inject you, you will never have to worry about food or shelter again.  Euthanasia is what they say it is, and they think it is your best bet.

What would you do?

Shelter pets don’t get that choice and I bet there isn’t a single sane person that doesn’t choose Option 1.

Bark Away!