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Wow, That’s a Dumb Ad by the Humane Society of Fremont County

New Ad by the HSFC:  “Controlling pets reproduction through managed breeding, containment, or spay/neuter there by helping to address animal control and over population problems.”

They really don’t get what a shelter can do to change the lives of pets.  First of all, the single most powerful thing a shelter does is save lives.  Why don’t you talk about that?  That’s what good management would be doing.  But to go on with what you did say.

This ad is vague, and where it is clear it is so wrong.

Shelters should have no desire for “managed breeding”.  They should simply be opposed to breeding until the shelter is empty and there are people clamoring for pets to adopt.  Either talk about not breeding or just leave the subject alone.

What does the average person think “containment” means?  One would assume they mean keeping your cat inside and dog in the yard without access to other intact animals.  But only someone that thinks about that would make that leap to that logical meaning.  People like shelter workers, volunteers and rescuers.  And we are still not sure if that is what they meant. 

Lastly they mention “spay/neuter”, thank you!  First thing in the ad that I think might have been useful.  But the low cost/no cost spay neuter program the shelter sponsors would have been a better use of the rest of the ad.  Oh, but they don’t have a low cost/no cost spay neuter program.  That is run by a third party.

Lastly, is there really an overpopulation problem?  Granted, we all think there are too many animals in today’s shelters.  But the use of the population problem is used as an excuse for the killing conducted by regressive shelter management.  If you say there are too many, you believe it is OK to say you cannot save every healthy treatable dog or cat that comes into the shelter.

There is less of a population problem and more of life saving work ethic problem.  The number of animals entering the shelter is manageable for the population of Fremont County.

The average U.S. community takes in about 14.5 dogs and cats per 1,000 human residents. But there are No Kill communities which take in several times that. For example, Washoe County takes in about 39 dogs and cats per 1,000 people. In 2011, they saved 94% of all animals communitywide. Other No Kill communities take in as many as 73 animals per 1,000 people. If they can do it, so can your community.

Fremont County has a population of about 46,824 according to the 2010 census.  In 2012, according to the reports they gave to PACFA report the shelter took in 3357 live cats and dogs.  This means the shelter is taking in 13.9 dogs and cats per 100 human residents.  About 4% less than the average U.S. community.

So if Fremont County took the approach that Washoe County did, they could be saving 3 times more animals than they are taking in today.  But they’re not even saving the ones they are taking in.

This ad is indicative of the unqualified management currently hobbling a potentially lifesaving institution and this management should be replaced.

Again, to the board members:

The current shelter is capable of doing a better job, your current management is not, and we are offering to help. 

Will you take the help?



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3 thoughts on “Wow, That’s a Dumb Ad by the Humane Society of Fremont County”

  1. I am a “part” of Stop Humane Society of Fremont County”, & I want to say THANK YOU!!! to you! for this! We are having another meeting in front of the board of The City Council here in Canon City on
    Tuesday. I attended one about a week ago. Each person is to be given 5 minutes to speak; we were cut to TWO minutes! Since there were “so many there re; this issue”, the woman I talked to from City Council said that they (the board members) didn’t want to hear the same thing repeated! There are MANY stories; witnessing abuse, totally improper euthanization, the so-called veterinarian… on & on. Well, I know I will attend as many of these meetings as I can get to! Shouldn’t be a problem to get there!
    I am SO happy to see this post here! And, I thank you again! Also for the opportunity to comment! This “shelter” has long been getting away with out & out abuse to these sweet, frightened, voiceless, & innocent animals! All we want is a change in management. This person, Tom Clemmons (& his wife) have been investigated more than once or twice! We need & want the shelter! The animals need it! The alleged management must GO! Thank you again! Sincerely, Debby Ledbetter

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