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You Look Aggressive…

The view of Pit Bulls may have more to do with the companion than the dog itself.
Maddies Fund released a study about how perceptions of not dogs, but dog handlers skew the view of people observing them. People shown pictures of 3 dogs were asked to rate the dogs on friendliness, adoptability, approachability, intelligence, aggressiveness and difficulty to train. But when the dogs were switched to different handlers, ratings for the Pit Bull improved.  Pit Bulls still received the highest rating for perception of aggressiveness and ability to train.
But this opens a door to people presenting their Pit Bulls to the public in an interesting way.  The way YOU look is a factor on the perception of your dog.  Now, it’s wrong for people to judge you by your appearance as much as your dog.  But as dog advocates, it is one more tool when trying to educate people who your dog is as friendly as the next dog.
You can find it insulting, but if it helps one person change their view of negative perception of Pit Bulls, would it kill you to wear a tie?  😉
See the brief on the study at Maddies Fund.

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