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Christine and Davyd Colfax Run Grudge Match – Sponsor them and Save Lives

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I have never run a marathon but since a non-profit whose board I sit on is fundraising through it, I had to find a way to do something. Fortunately there are a bunch of different races and Christine and I talked about the 5k and maybe the dogs would come along.  And we get to support saving homeless pets which we do a lot.  Not just counting the 5 that live with us.

Happier days before the ColfaxRun marital speed bump!
Happier days before the ColfaxRun marital speed bump! 

Then I innocently joked who would give out first on a 5 k (About 3 miles) her with little coco or me with the Saint Bernard’s.

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People starting talking smack on FB starting with Christine asking if I was challenging (and yes, she called me dude), I said “It’s on” and now we are in a bind to actually be ready to get up on May 17, get the dogs warmed up, and walk around city park in Denver.

So now it’s a competition to save homeless pet  lives and give each other a public thrashing.  You can help by being one of our donating sponsors.  We are competing in the race, but we need sponsors to as well so there is a twofold competition going on here.

Its a bit of a rabbit and a hare competition

Team Christine is made up of :

Christine – A svelt former professional athlete with drive and self-motivation who dominates the household in fitness and discipline.  Christine’s strategy is to move forward for the entire race to the finish line without stopping.  She is pretty sure this will be more than enough to outwit the competition.

Coco will be groomed to be more aerodynamic for the race

Her partner Coco, a 3 year old pure bred mutt weighing in at 7.5 lbs, a ball of fury with a no holds barred attitude to dominating the larger dogs in her pack.  She has been known sit on the heads of competitors, run in every direction to distract them and steal food from their mouths.  Her body blocks are effective on the cats, those she generally just bounces off the other dogs without doing any damage except the element of surprise.  She has the attention span of an insect.

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Team Davyd is made up of:

Davyd worked out regularly for a week in 1999 and is relying on that intense regimen to carry him through this event.  He is studying the City Park maps for weaknesses where no one will see him take a short cut.  His strategy is to distract the other team with shiny objects and unhealthy store bought treats."You wouldn't make me lose would you?" - Zucker

He is accompanied by Zucker (Zoo-Ka), an 8 year old full Saint Bernard.  Zucker is much like a Tolkien dwarf.”We dwarves are natural sprinters! Very dangerous over short distances!”  She has been training by lying on the ground staring up at Christine guilting her into throwing the race.  “You wouldn’t make me lose would you?” – Zucker

QuinnDavyd_editedOn team Davyd is the Mighty Quinn.  Quinn had an injury when first joining the team years ago but has come back from his knee injury.  His value is in his need to stay by Christine which may pull Davyd and Zucker over the finish line if not first, right behind Christine.  He’s hoping for a strong finish at the last minute.



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1. Who wins the 5k walk with the dogs AND

2. Who raises the most money to help save homeless pets?

Let’s face it, Christine has a distinct advantage.  There will probably be a whole bunch of people she doesn’t know giving her money, and here’s why:She's hot.She’s hot.

And she may be undermining Davyd’s team.

Zucker! Stay away from the competition.
Zucker! Stay away from the competition.

But Davyd has a secret up my sleeve:

Oops, this is the insane version of Zucker.
Oops, this is the insane version of Zucker.

Actually looking for more mellow normal state which is not that insane look.

Not THAT relaxed...
Not THAT relaxed…


One more try:

That's my good girl!

That’s my good girl!


And I am still working on getting Quinn to come along:

"I'm sorry, but what's in it for me?"  -Quinn
“I’m sorry, but what’s in it for me?” -Quinn


And I make some damn good food for these guys that give me some cred with them:


"I'll totally throw the race for raw bone and some cheese."  - Coco
“I’ll totally throw the race for raw bone and some cheese.” – Coco


So know you know and you’re on the line to make a decision.  Who are you for, or who are you against?  As Dylan said, “You gotta server somebody.”  The line in the sand is drawn so figure out who you want to support (or who you want to humiliate).  remember, all this money goes to save the lives of homeless pets.  So give early and give often to you team!

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We are both supporting No Kill Colorado.



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  1. Though that week in 1999 certainly might put Davyd over the edge in this competition, being dragged across the finish line by roughly his body weight in slobbery dogs does NOT count as a win. I’m certain Smudge is cheering you on from doggie heaven, but my money is on Christine.

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