Denver CO

I guess Pit Bulls cause people to become criminals and cannot be trusted.

From a letter to Mayor of Williamson County from PETA on March 15, 2013:

PETA also recommends a ban on the adoption/release of dangerous dogs and fighting breeds (commonly known as “pit bulls”). Dogfighting is a widespread criminal activity that usually involves—in addition to cruelty to animals—illegal gambling and the presence of illicit drugs and weapons.”

Yes, we are talking about the organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Download the whole letter here.  It’s absurd.

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But the quoted statement struck me more than any other part of the letter.  Tell me if you see it another way, but what I read it to say is pit bulls are somehow a threat to society because some people that are criminals, gamble, use drugs and have weapons might have had a pit bull like dog at one time or another.

So does their insane logic mean pit bulls make these people criminals?  They should never be adopted out which means just one thing.  they should be killed according to PETA.

I amazed by PETA and I really wish the tens of millions of dollars that the public is giving them just found their local responsible shelter or rescue that is saving lives with every penny received.

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